We all deserve to pamper ourselves and maximize our beauty and wellness. Take some time for “me time” at any of these beauty and wellness spots. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and beautifully you. 

The Balay Collective

Nestled within the charming confines of Etna, PA, The Balay Collective emerges as a beacon of creativity and expertise in the realm of hairstyling. Stepping into this quaint, yet vibrant salon is akin to entering a realm where hair is transformed into a canvas for artistic expression. 

At the heart of The Balay Collective’s ethos lies a dedication to the intricate craft of multi-dimensional hair color and the technique of hand-painted balayage. Each strand of hair is meticulously attended to, with a keen eye for detail.

However, it’s not just about color at The Balay Collective. It’s about the art of French Haircutting, a technique mastered by none other than the visionary owner, Nichole Farine. With precision and finesse, Nichole employs the principles of French Haircutting. She sculpts hairstyles that transcend mere trends, instead embodying timeless elegance and sophistication. From framing the face with delicate layers to building volume from the top down, every snip of the scissors is a stroke of genius. Their seamless flow accentuates the natural beauty of each client. Yet what truly sets The Balay Collective apart is not just their technical prowess. But their unwavering commitment to individual artistry.

Onyx + Aura

Onyx + Aura, located in Sewickley, PA, is a boutique aesthetics studio specializing in state-of-the-art semi-permanent beauty treatments and contemporary wellness services. Each artist and esthetician undergoes an extensive 6-12 month educational apprenticeship under the Master Artist/Owner before serving clients. They meticulously craft every aspect of the Onyx + Aura experience, including services, product selection, interior design, and music. They’re always ensuring that guests enjoy a truly distinctive salon visit.

Their mission is straightforward: to leave every visitor feeling more confident and empowered than when they first entered the establishment. In 2024, they broadened their wellness menu. Further enriching the Onyx + Aura experience is their introduction to a retail section, featuring thoughtfully curated lifestyle and beauty items. 

Craft Collective Salon Group

The Craft Collective Salon Group, owned and operated by global award-winning stylist Derek Piekarski, stands as a beacon of excellence in the beauty industry. With a team of certified stylists and trainers proficient in various brands and techniques, the salon ensures unparalleled service.

Embracing a serene and low-key atmosphere, the salon provides clients with a haven of relaxation. Enjoy a comprehensive array of services encompassing hair, skin, and also nail care treatments. Every service is meticulously tailored to cater to individual needs and preferences, reflecting the salon’s commitment to personalized care.

Located in the North Hills and Canonsburg, The Craft Collective Salon Group offers expert services, like haircuts and rejuvenating facials as well as intricate nail artistry. Clients can expect nothing short of excellence from this distinguished salon group.

Copacetic Beauty Lounge

After 12 years as a full-time forensic chemist & part-time hair stylist, Nikki James, partnered with her friend/hair mentor/sought-out master stylist, Missy Browning, to open up a full service hair salon. In the heart of the North Hills, they have in-house apprenticeships and an environment of supportive women, science, and wit.

Their 14 stylists have decades of experience and a Copacetic vibe. They are also blue collar pros with a love of their craft turning out modern and traditional styles and processes — from balayage to perms to barbering to hair loss help.

The Lavender Loft

Kat Russin, the esteemed owner of The Lavender Loft and accredited master colorist, has garnered a decade of recognition and collaboration with international companies. Her expertise encompasses backstage operations at prestigious events like New York Fashion Week, with notable clients including Jeremy Renner.

Situated in the heart of Sewickley, PA, The Lavender Loft offers clients a luxurious and serene experience from the moment they walk in until they depart. Amidst upscale décor, Kat and her team offer a wide spectrum of coloring techniques. They specialize in hand-tied extensions, vibrant coloring, and personalized hand-painted blonding.

After 15 years of building her business in Sewickley, Kat’s salon and relationship with the village has become one built on experience and trust! As a result, every visit is a rejuvenating indulgence.

The Aesthetic Lounge

The Aesthetic Lounge, by owner Patricia Darocy, is the culmination of a lifelong passion for beauty and an unwavering commitment to excellence. It was founded by a seasoned medical professional with over two decades of experience in medicine and anesthesia. The clinic is driven by the belief that aesthetics is an art as well as a science. With a deep understanding of facial balance and a dedication to enhancing natural beauty, the clinic offers a range of cutting-edge treatments. As a result, each is tailored to an individual’s unique features and aesthetic goals.

At The Aesthetic Lounge, every client receives personalized attention and care. Their certified clinicians are trained to the highest standards. From thorough consultations and facial mapping to the development of bespoke treatment plans, every step is taken to ensure that clients feel confident and also informed throughout their aesthetic journey.

With a focus on utilizing the latest regenerative therapies for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, the clinic remains at the forefront of the industry. They specialize in a range of aesthetic treatments including Botox, dermal filler, PRP, micro-needling & chemical peels. Their goal is radiant, natural-looking, youthful skin. Because of this, they provide clients with the most effective and innovative solutions.

EsSpa Organic Hungarian Skincare+Salon

For 22+ years, there has been only one spa in Pittsburgh that has received numerous national awards for offering the best spa services using natural, organic extracts. And for making them available for every individual regardless of age or gender or skin type. EsSpa has been selected The Best Family Spa in America by American Spa Magazine and Travel + Luxury Magazine. Plus, they were named The 3rd Best Spa in America by Skin Inc Magazine and also The Top Skincare Spa in America by BeautyWire Magazine. EsSpa is a Founding Member of the Green Spa Network. Additionally, it is the only accredited GSN Planet Seed Spa in Pennsylvania.

Besides the awards, EsSpa is owned and operated by Hungarian Master Esthetician, Eva Sztupka- Kerschbaumer. Thousands of Pittsburghers have put their faces in Eva’s “magic” hands, allowing her to help restore a more youthful, healthy complexion — naturally. Also, consultations are always free of charge, with no obligation. Visit EsSpa to see how Eva and her team of professionals can help you feel better and look great.

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  1. Not a single one of these is actually in Pittsburgh. At least Etna and Aspinwall are right on the border, but why are there multiple spots in Sewickley and the rest of the North Hills and literally not a single one in Pittsburgh? Or rather, why not name the list “the best beauty and wellness spots north of the Pittsburgh city llimits”?

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