It’s time to plan and plant your own garden oasis this summer! Pittsburgh has options when it comes to making your yard bloom by shopping at your local greenhouse. Here are a few to ‘cart’ around in Pittsburgh:

Best Feeds Garden Centers

When it comes to summer lawn, pond and garden care, Best Feeds Garden Centers have two locations on Babcock Blvd. and Wildwood Rd. and has been serving the North Hills since 1945. We can talk about all the plants but unique perks include being a rewards club member and how to grow your own kitchen garden. Keep an eye out for summer sales and other necessities such as bulk & bagged mulch, pottery & lawn accessories, pond supplies and water gardening. There’s a lot to soak in so take a stroll through their inventory and invent some new green spaces of your own.

Brenckle’s Greenhouses Pittsburgh

Located on Mt. Troy Road, Brenckle’s Greenhouses has been a family-owned and operated business since 1921. Explore and dive your nose into the sweet aromas of bright, color-blasted flowers and buy some to help the bees this summer. The greenhouse has annuals, hanging baskets, vegetables, perennials/shrubs as well as seasonal items to go with the flow of nature. Learn about the family of four generations, plus their furry pets, Sky and Ginger.

Trax Farms

Stylish pots, best-selling wind chimes and a seasonal patio shop? Say no more! Only 12 miles from Pittsburgh, Trax Farms in the South Hills has a bountiful selection of flowers, vegetable plants and signature seasonal staples. Browse this one-stop shop for all your gardening needs from plant soil, fertilizers, gloves and more with items racked from top to bottom. Wake up early to go because you may need an entire day to peruse through unique, eye-catching finds to create some character for your urban landscape or suburban yard. There is something for everyone here! Be sure to stay up to date with Trax Farms events throughout the year.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Colin Parrish

Colin is a Pittsburgh born and raised, daydreamer, restaurant foodie addict whose passions include running, thrifting, camping, and having a healthy amount of coffee or Malbec (depending on the time of day) . As a typical jagoff, you can catch him shopping in the Strip, running in Highland Park, or finding the best hiking views just outside of the city. He is a content manager for YaJagoff Media LLC and currently lives in Etna, PA.

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