If you missed the other gift guides this week, we’ll wait here while you decide what to buy for the experience junkie, foodie, fashionista, and fitness guru in your life. What better way to wrap up (ha!) our week of local gift guides than with a list of what to buy for the beer / wine / spirits lover?!


local gift guide beer wine spirits amanda lee glassware
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It seems like there is a different type of glass no matter what you’re drinking…which makes this an easy gift to buy! Or if your pal already has a well stocked cupboard, you can always opt for hand painted glassware. We love the Steel City series at Amanda Lee Glassware!

Specialty Ingredients

local gift guide beer wine spirits steel city salt paul family farms
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Know someone who loves a good Bloody Mary? Get them a maple jalapeño salt! There are always specialty ingredients for cocktails around the city, and they’re usually not hard to find. Most spice stores will have something perfect for a classic cocktail.

A Tour

pittsburgh local gift guide experiences brewery tour
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We know we mentioned a brewery or distillery tour in our experiences gift guide, but we had to mention it again. It’s such a fun way to spend a couple hours – learning about how your favorite adult beverages are made. And tasting them, of course! Plus this is a great gift for couples or to do with your friend…so you get to enjoy the gift, too 😉


local gift guide beer wine spirits hitchhiker brewing
Image via: @hitchhikerbrewing, Instagram

We don’t just mean any coffee, though. We’re talking about coffee roasted in collaboration with a brewery, like what Hitchhiker’s doing. Or coffee aged in whiskey barrels, like what you can buy at Wigle. We’ve had the Wigle coffee, and it smells like there’s whiskey in your mug. We definitely won’t judge if you pour a little splash in, though…not that we’ve ever done that. Ahem.


local gift guide beer wine spirits grist house
Image via: @gristhouse, Instagram

What better way to support your favorite beverage maker than by wearing their gear? We love gifting gear because it’s something that people don’t always buy for themselves, but they always love it when they get it. You don’t have to stick with shirts, either – many places sell things like mugs, hats, or even insulated backpacks.

DIY Kits

local gift guide beer wine spirits wigle whiskey
Image via: @wiglewhiskey, Instagram

Whether it’s a kit to make your own homebrew or an age-your-own-whiskey barrel, this is the perfect idea for your friend who has been wanting to get their DIY on. Or for something a little less involved, try a cocktail kit with all the ingredients to make a favorite cocktail.


local gift guide beer wine spirits mazzotta winery
Image via: Lauren Roberts

Duh. When in doubt, buy a bottle of your friend’s favorite alcohol. This is also perfect for any kind of grab-bag gift!

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