16 Gyms to HIT Up in 2022

We all want to be the healthiest version of ourselves or at least that’s what we want to want. Having a good gym to go to is sometimes half the battle which is why we’re highlighting some of the best of our local fitness community.

There’s a right-fit gym out there for each of us to help us get fit, right? Find your fit at one of these.

X Shadyside

If you need to ease into fitness X Shadyside is a relaxed, no pressure gym that welcomes all. They understand that starting a fitness program is often the hardest part so for 28+ years they’ve been empowering people to start a healthy lifestyle with personalized training plans and flexible memberships. Not everyone has the same goals so not every trainer does the same training; trainers are diversified in their skill sets to make every client feel comfortable and challenged.

Club Cycle

At Club Cycle, an indoor cycling studio in a nightclub environment, you can workout hard and party hard at the same time. Live DJs play music through 20 speakers and a custom-designed light show lights the room via a projection screen and ceiling grid. This is a great fit for gearheads who love performance metrics that will help them work hard as they ride their way to fitness.

SHAPE Training

Those who want intense, fun, and challenging workouts will find their fit at SHAPE Training. Created by professional athletes and personal trainers, SHAPE Training offers personal coaching and small group training with a focus on doing ‘what it takes’ to shape you into your very best.

LEG1ON Training & Performance

If you’re ready to go full throttle into your fitness journey then LEG1ON Training and Performance is your fit. Your current fitness level poses no challenge to the coaches and staff; you’ll be given the individualized attention, tools, and training in a top-notch facility to help you push your limits. At LEG1ON, clients quickly understand the gym’s core values – embrace feeling uncomfortable, embrace failure, and never give up – and adopt their slogan of being #BuiltDifferent in their everyday lives.

Etage Athletic Club

If you’re seeking a premier fitness experience then Etage Athletic Club, which offers both fitness classes and wellbeing, is your fit. Over 30 group fitness classes, personal training, HIIT workouts, tanning, HydroMassage, yoga, and Les Mills classes are just some of the offerings you’ll find in their state-of-the-art downtown facility. Whether you want to boost your fitness through cycling, conditioning, or strength training or focus on your wellness in other ways, Etage Athletic Club has an option for you.

Orangetheory Fitness

Find your fit with HIIT workouts with Orangetheory Fitness. These total-body group workouts are heart-rate based and designed to charge your metabolism, burn calories, and develop both your fitness and your confidence.  

Pittsburgh Fitness Project

If you’re looking to focus on weightlifting then Pittsburgh Fitness Project is your fit. Their “Barbell” weightlifting program is one of the best in the country and builds strength, coordination, explosiveness, and confidence. But weightlifting isn’t all that they do – at PFP you’ll also find group fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and coaches that can help you build a custom training plan that’s right for you.


Those seeking balanced, authentic self-care through fitness and daily habits will find their fit at NoBeFit. NoBeFit offers personal coaching services, personal fitness programs, results tracking, nutrition coaching/tracking, and lifestyle habit coaching. It’s a welcoming, non-judgemental, and growth-oriented community of small group workouts and in-person coaching. Your coach consults with you to help you set goals and stay on track.

Crunch Fitness Pittsburgh

If you’re seeking a diverse community with a focus on fun that welcomes everyone and does it in a judgment-free fitness space then Crunch Fitness Pittsburgh is a good fit for you. Any and all fitness goals are welcome, and at Crunch you can meet those goals through their strength, cardio, and HIIT classes and even one-on-one training.

Crossfit Pittsburgh

If you are committed to getting fit and want to do it through high intensity workouts and varied functional movements then Crossfit Pittsburgh is your fit. If part of how you get motivated to work out is being held communally accountable then their scoreboard, records, and clocks will help keep you moving, motivated, and maximizing your fitness potential. Experienced and inexperienced alike can do Crossfit; it’s all a matter of putting in your best effort to get out your best you.


If you’re the type of person who wants to know exactly what to expect and when then F45 (which stands for functional training for 45 minutes) is your fit. A mix of cardio and resistance training via circuit and HIIT-style workouts work every muscle group in your body. Days of the week are dedicated to either cardio, resistance, or a hybrid of both so you can know the type of workout you’re in for before you go.

Tedesco Body Shop

If you want to focus on your total health and wellness and also have a variety of options for doing so then Tedesco Body Shop is your fit. At Tedesco Body Shop they want you to focus on gradual changes because long-term results stem from lifestyle changes. Group classes, semi-private training, personal training, and group classes along with nutrition consulting and health assessments will help you focus on the truest you.


At 3 Minute Fitness all fitness levels and abilities are welcomed. If you want to grow in confidence and work to be the best you can be then 3MF is your fit. You will be challenged to push boundaries, train harder, and reach your goals in a fun, rewarding, and positive environment. Through HIIT sessions you’ll build strength, resistance, balance, flexibility, and endurance all in sessions that last less than one hour.

Beyond Training

Everyone’s fitness journey starts somewhere, and hopefully goes somewhere, too. If you’re looking to achieve your fitness goals, Beyond Training is a great fit for taking you from where you are to where you want to be. With personal training, group exercises, and nutrition coaches at Beyond Training you can improve your short-term health and fitness while also focusing on the long-term.

Pure Barre

If you’re looking for toning, body-weight-lifting workouts that combine elements of ballet, yoga, and pilates then Pure Barre is your fit. Total body barre workouts last under one hour and are low impact, but high intensity and aim to improve strength, agility and flexibility. With four group class formats you can choose a classic barre format or combine barre with resistance training or cardio training.

JCC (Jewish Community Center)

If you’re looking for community, recreation, enrichment AND a great place to work out, you’ll find your fit at the JCC. There are programs for all ages and interests and their facilities include lap swimming temperature-controlled pools, group exercise and personal training, spinning, first class cardio equipment, strength training, dance studios, whirlpools, saunas, towel service, lounge areas and more. One membership, 5 facility locations: Get into the JCC State of Mind: Happy, Healthy, Whole. Health and safety is a priority at the JCC; one-time proof of Covid-19 vaccines and masks are required.

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