When you think about vegan food, what do you think of? Probably salads, fruit, and a distinct lack of bacon. We’re betting you don’t immediately think about pancakes, flatbreads, and french fries. And you probably *definitely* didn’t think about a sea salt chocolate chip cookie or layer cakes. And that is exactly why you should head to B52 Cafe in Lawrenceville ASAP…because they will change the way you think about vegan food. (This is coming from omnivores who would rather lose a finger than give up their cheese, by the way.)

B52 Cafe Lawrenceville


B52 Cafe is making everything from scratch, so you know it has to be good. We’re talking everything from falafel to latkes, and did we mention the pancakes? They’re bigger than your head, super fluffy, and just as tasty leftover. We actually had to double check that everything B52 serves is vegan, rather than just vegetarian, because the butter on top of the pancakes tastes like real, salted, delicious butter. They’re not just doing vegan dishes – they offer many gluten free options, too.

B52 Cafe Lawrenceville


The vibe is cozy and approachable, and the staff is super friendly. They know their regulars and want to be part of your daily routine, which is why they’re open as much as possible, even on some holidays. It’s the kind of place where you can grab a quick latte and cinnamon roll to go, or you can hang out and get some work done before your friend joins you for lunch. Or, if you’re busy, swing by and take your dinner to go.

B52 Cafe Lawrenceville

Oh, and don’t forget to stop in for their burger night! Check out their Facebook for pictures and the burger of the week – they rotate frequently. We’re drooling just thinking about it!

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