Two words. Seasonal. Menu. We are talking fresh, in-season ingredients to create completely new menu items and modifying current ones. To Home, (tucked inside Smallman Galley) this concept comes easily. Having a menu change with the seasons keeps customers on their toes, and always coming back for more. Dine at Home just once, and the concept of the name comes full circle. The Home winter menu will be serving up warm, delicious, hearty, comfort food made with a lot of love.

Smallman Galley: Home Winter Menu

Some items to put on your list this winter are things like the pulled pork poutine. The pork makes these fries and the “cheese gravy” drool worthy. Another noteworthy menu item is their pork and beans dish.  The meat literally falls off the bone, and is oh so insta worthy.

Smallman Galley: Home Winter Menu

Remember Home’s chicken and biscuit? This holy grail of a menu item is being switched up to become a cornbread & chicken dish.  Just when we thought the chicken and biscuit couldn’t get any better, they pulled out the big guns and swapped the biscuit for cornbread.

Smallman Galley: Home Winter Menu

The ultimate comfort food for winter has to be a chicken pot pie and Home certainly delivered.  This rather large bowl of chicken pot pie filling is topped with a flakey, buttery puff pastry. It’s so warm and comforting you’ll want to snuggle and maybe even take a snooze when you’re done.  Some like it hot – the nashville hot chicken sandwich that is. They say if you don’t like spice, maybe go a different route…But with the bun and other fixings, we thought the spice level was just right.  Wouldn’t change a thing.

Looking for more comfort food? Pittsburgh is filled with plenty of local places to get your fix, Home is only one option. Check out our list of comfort food restaurants here!

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