A local company is squaring up to national monopoly, and we’re hyped.

It’s a little known fact to consumers that Cox Automotive, a branch of Cox Media, controls a majority of the auto industry. From Kelley Blue Book to Dealer.com, AutoTrader and more, the  experience in car buying is unilateral; brands like Ford, Jeep, Toyota, and Audi (to name a few) all operate on a Cox-developed platform. Not only does this create a boring experience for the consumer, but it’s nearly impossible for smaller and growing businesses to break into the industry and diversify the arena.

But in typical Pittsburgh fashion, a local start-up is tearing down walls. Dealer Venom, built by our own Joud Mansour and based out of PPG Place downtown, has broken into the very exclusive club, starting with Maserati Beverly Hills. 


By utilizing Dealer Venom, dealerships can customize their user experience instead of force-feeding us the the same cookie-cutter platform most major dealers operate on. This is big news for Pittsburgh and bigger news for the automotive industry – we doubt Cox Automotive is too happy with Dealer Venom’s success in partnering with (literally) the #1 Maserati dealership in the world. Getting his start in the industry 12 years ago, Joud (now 28) knows exactly what the millennial car buyer is looking for and is putting it into quick action.

With developments like this coming out of Pittsburgh, it’s no wonder we were just named one of the top tech hubs to watch this year.

Can the rest keep up? 

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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