If you’re into drooling over pictures of the *amazing* food scene in Pittsburgh, then you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered a list of our ten favorite Pittsburgh foodie Instagram accounts that we stalk constantly, and we know that you guys will love them, too.

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try or just want to kill time lurking food pics, these are the accounts to follow!


local foodie accounts

Danielle keeps it real with her photos and Yelp reviews of restaurants in and around the Pittsburgh area. She posts pics of everything from Auntie Anne’s and Eat’n’Park to Pork and Beans and Choolaah. We also appreciate her out of town recommendations when we’re on the road.


Anyone who waits in a two-hour-line to try a new food truck deserves to be on this list! Madeline’s Instagram is heavily focused on Pittsburgh, and it also includes photos from her travels. And did we mention she has two blogs – one for Pittsburgh and one for travel. We’re not sure where she finds the time…


If you’re interested in posts about Pittsburgh, lifestyle, and wine (specifically, well, Moscato) then this is the account for you. But, if you only want the Pittsburgh stuff, she has handy links on both her Instagram and blog to help you out.


Basically, Alex posts pics of all the things we wish we were eating instead of whatever is in our fridge. A sentiment he himself shares because his blog says exactly that. So…we’ll all skip the wilted veggies in our crisper and meet up wherever he’s going next??


We love Bottomless Pitt’s complete focus on the Pittsburgh food scene. No fluff, no fillers, just tons of photos of food and drinks that has us drooling basically all the time.


Another account that’s all about the food is YinzHungry412. She’s just a hungry girl hitting up some of our favorite spots, and some new places that we now know we need to try…


You know that friend who’s lived in Pittsburgh their whole life but doesn’t really know much about what’s where? That’s Matt over at morningafterpgh. He started his (slightly outdated blog) and (much more up-to-date) Instagram account as a way to get to know Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods the best way possible – by eating his way through them.


Ok, cocktails, beer, and wine aren’t technically food, but Pittsburgh has such an amazing beverage-scene that we had to give it a shout-out! And Tipsy Yinzer is there to point you towards all the best drinks to order along with that amazing food.


As the name implies, pittsburghpizza is all about everyone’s favorite: pizza. Laine has really devoted herself to her favorite hobby (pizza, duh) and is doing the legwork for the rest of us so we know the best place to go no matter where we are in the Pittsburgh area when the craving hits.


Adam Milliron’s account is a little more curated than the rest of the accounts we featured – as it should be considering he’s a professional food photographer. If you follow him (which you should) you might start to notice his photos in local publications. And, obviously, he knows the way to our stomachs <3

So…if you’re counting, that’s all ten accounts. But we couldn’t help but include a couple bonus accounts for you from two of our own food writers.


Shannon is always in the know with the best restaurants to check out! In fact, she just wrote an article about the best bakeries in Pittsburgh, which you should definitely put on your list.


Lauren’s account is a mix of her own recipes and Pittsburgh favorites. Her latest MiP article is all about burgers, just in time for this summer weather!


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Lauren Roberts

Lauren loves all things Pittsburgh and all things food! When she's not checking out a new restaurant, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working on her photography, or out on a bike ride exploring the city.

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