If you ask any local about the best Pittsburgh burgers, chances are they’ll send you to Tessaro’s in Bloomfield. The Pittsburgh burger scene has expanded beyond that classic in recent years. Here are ten other totally worth-it places to grab your next burger.

1 Burgh’ers (Lawrenceville)

Lauren Roberts
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If you’re looking for a locally sourced burger, you have to try Burgh’ers. They get as many Pennsylvania-ingredients as possible and even raise chickens for the eggs they use. And with all the natural light in the restaurant, it’s totally Insta-worthy.

2. Over The Bar Bicycle Cafe (South Side)

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If you’re into biking and burgers, OTB is definitely the place for you. All of their burgers have bicycle-themed names, like the Thick (after a bike shop a few blocks away) or the Wheel Mill (a local indoor bike park). Plus they’re only a few blocks away from the bike trail and have tons of bike parking out front, making it super biker-friendly.

3. BRGR (various locations)

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BRGR has various locations around Pittsburgh, plus a food truck, so it’s always easy to get your burger fix. Everyone’s favorite seems to be the Cease and Desist, a recommendation we completely agree with. Their milkshakes are worth the extra calories, too…because what’s a burger without a milkshake?

4. Brunoise (Smallman Galley, Strip District)

[relevant url=”https://www.smallmangalley.org/our-restaurant-concepts/brunoise”]

We’ve told you about Smallman Galley, but did you know one of the current restaurant concepts, Brunoise, has an amazing burger? There’s a classic burger on the menu, but they’ve featured a French Onion burger recently that looks to-die-for. Who can resist that mess of melty cheese?

5. Smoke Barbeque Taqueria (Lawrenceville)

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[relevant url=”www.smokepgh.com/”]

Most people know Smoke for their amazing tacos, but they also have a burger night every Tuesday. These guys must not sleep because they make their own burger buns, grind and form the patties, and make everything from the pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise to the American cheese (what?!?!). Just remember to hit up the ATM on your way or in the restaurant because Smoke is cash-only.

6. Butterjoint (Oakland)

[relevant url=”www.butterjoint.com/”]

When we asked friends about their favorite Pittsburgh burger places, quite a few mentioned Butterjoint. It’s a full-service bar attached to Legume, and they’re grinding their own Western PA beef daily. Between the classic and the fancy options, we just don’t know where to start!

7. Double Wide Grill (South Side, Cranberry)

[relevant url=”www.doublewidegrill.com/”]

It might be hard to get a table outside at Double Wide when the weather’s nice, but it’s worth the wait. They have an extensive burger menu, which includes a homemade vegan lentil veggie burger that even meat-lovers have been known to order.

8. Burgatory (various locations)

[relevant url=”www.burgatorybar.com/”]

Besides their locations all over the city, one thing we love about Burgatory is their custom burger creation option. They let you build your favorite burger from the patty and rub to the bun, and everything in-between. They even have the impossible burger if you’ve been wanting to try it.

9. Stack’d (Shadyside, Oakland, Wexford)

[relevant url=”https://www.stackdburgers.com/”]

Stack’d is another Pittsburgh burger joint that lets you build your own burger. In fact, if you’re getting a burger there, that’s the only way you *can* order it! Talk about the customer always being right!

10. Wingharts (Market Square, South Side, Greensburg)

[relevant url=”www.winghartburgers.com/”]

Wingharts might sound like a place you’d go to get, well, wings. Surprisingly, their menu has tons of ground-beef burgers, chicken burgers, and even a crab burger and veggie burger. Who knew?!

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