Here at Made in PGH, we get pretty excited about great food, which is why we’re *losing our minds* over The Polish Hill.  This glorious sandwich was brought to life by the iconic Mrs. T’s Pierogies and own very own Primanti Bros., so it’s no wonder why we can’t stop eating it.

1. They swapped the fries for Mrs. T’s Pierogies

This actually seems like a no-brainer but leave it to Primantis to bring us the delicious grub we didn’t know we needed.

2. The Polish Hill takes local seriously

Polish Hill (the place – not the food) is just a few blocks from where it all started for the nationally-acclaimed Primanti Brothers, so this sandwich is more than just lunch. It’s a nod to local heritage.

3. It’s stacked with Kielbasa

…*and* topped with provolone, Primanti’s homemade beer mustard, slaw and tomato.

4. It won’t be here forever

You and your crew have a limited time to get over to any Primanti Brothers before The Polish Hill is gone, and this epic Mrs. T’s collaboration is over.

5. Did we mention PIEROGIES?

Pittsburgh pierogy culture is stronger than ever, and it doesn’t just stop at sandwiches. Available in more than 15 varieties – including mini pierogies! – Mrs. Ts Pierogies are perfect served alone, or as part of your favorite recipes.  Treat yourself to this Loaded Mini Pierogy French Fries recipe using Mrs. Ts Cheddar Piergoies, or serve up some Bacon-Wrapped Mini-Rogies at your next game day get-together. 

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Created in Partnership with Mrs. T’s Pierogies

Kelly Arbogast is a Pittsburgh-based food, culture, and technology writer who can often be found smiling passionately at coffee.

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