Pittsburgh is blessed with tons of local artists who dream of adorning us with their handcrafted jewelry. The pieces are unique and interesting, and each artist has their own distinct point-of-view. Let’s swoon over their beautiful pieces together, shall we?!



Image via @tui_pasifika

[relevant url=”https://www.tuipasifika.bigcartel.com/”]Angela Tuulaupua is the designer behind Tui’s stunning creations. Each piece is handmade with fierce love and reflects her Polynesian culture. The XL Breastplate in brass (featured above) is a show stopper. It echoes the native wares of the country of Papua New Guinea. You wear and learn Polynesian history when you rock these pieces.


 Broken Plates

Image via @broken_plates

[relevant url=”https://www.brokenplates.com/”]

Gillian Preston, artist behind Broken Plates, blows us away with her intricate glass jewelry. Each piece is hand cut from hand blown glass. Her designs are equally as unique as the technique used to create them. Not to mention, the vibrant colors of her pieces will bring any outfit to life.



Image via @oatmeal.shop  

[relevant url=”https://www.oatmeal-shop.com/”]

For an effortless, cool look, Oatmeal is for you. Founder, Elise Birnbaum, offers interesting, durable pieces such as Ceramic Knot Necklaces and Brass Shine Earrings. She enjoys collaborating with other local creatives too. Check out the limited edition pink knots from a collaboration with Bombabird Cermanics. They are beautiful!


Studebaker Metals

Image via @studebakermetals

“Slow is Fast” is their motto and we can get down with that. Studebaker Metals is a metalsmith workshop in Braddock co-owned by Alyssa Catalano and Michael Studebaker. Their hand-forge unisex pieces, from rings to cuffs, stand the test of time and trends. Grab a beer at Brew Gentlemen and check them out in person Wednesday through Saturday (11am-6pm) at their shop.


Horsethief Silver

Image via horsethiefsilver.com

[relevant url=”https://www.horsethiefsilver.com”]

American Southwestern-inspired pieces in Pittsburgh? Yes please! Horsethief Silver honors traditional silversmithing. Founder Elizabeth Sanchez works primarily with silver and stone, especially turquoise. Think bolo ties, bandana slides and men and women’s handcrafted rings. Horsethief Silver also gladly accepts custom orders!


Image via @sarasashasura

[relevant url=”https://www.sashahandmade.com/”]

Sarah McClelland, creator of Sasha, is all about texture. She wraps yarn and other materials around rope to create bold pieces. Statement necklaces, earrings and bangles are offered. We can’t take our eyes off the Triple Overhand Decorative Knot Textile Necklaces pictured above.


Reiko Yamamoto

[relevant url=”https://www.reikoyamamoto.com/”]

Calling all minimalists, these accessories are for you. Growing up in Japan, Reiko Yamamoto enjoyed the versatility of pottery in daily life. The tradition of ceramics lives on in her jewelry. All ceramic earrings and necklaces are hand formed and hand painted keeping each piece unique from one another.

Ruhling Woven

Image via @ruhling_woven

[relevant url=”https://www.ruhlingwoven.com/a-c-c-e-s-s-o-r-i-e-s/”]

Ruhling Woven is wearable art. Founder Kathleen Fanto is known for her Silk Fringe Necklaces. They are a beautiful statement which will elevate any outfit. These necklaces, however, are not the art she has to offer. Her Marbled Clay Earring Sets are unique and lightweight. They are perfect for stylish long wear!  

Frost Finery


Image via @frostfinery

[relevant url=”https://www.frostfinery.com/”]

The mastermind behind this eco-conscious jewelry brand is Melissa Frost. Her designs are made from recycled silver, and she sources stones responsibly. The Pittsburgh Collection is a way to rock love for our city beyond wearing black and yellow. Frost Finery’s Etsy shop is currently on maternity leave, but check out their pieces at Pavement and Love, Pittsburgh.

Meta Morph

Image via @metamorphpgh

[relevant url=”https://metamorph-jewelry.com/”]

Meta Morph gives us bohemian vibes with a modern twist. Indie designer and owner, Sarah Daigneault, harnesses the power of stones and crystals in her designs. From Painted Antler necklaces to Rose Quartz studs, Sarah offers a wide variety. The Gemstone Hair Pins pictured above are dreamy. They come in lapis lazuli, citrine and green onyx.

Collarbone Jewelry

Image via @shopcollarbone

Cat Luck, owner of Collarbone Jewelry, is a hustler. Her workshop is based in Pittsburgh, but her brand is nationally known. Her creations have appeared in New York Fashion Week (2014) and been at staple at The Sundance Film Festival. Her gender-fluid pieces are influenced by nature. By wearing one of Cat’s pieces, you are connected to the raw elements and traditional techniques which brought it to life.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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