Made in PGH is a regional media platform built with a love for Pittsburgh, an appreciation for its past and a commitment to its future.

By channeling our rust belt work ethic, while challenging the traditional perceptions of Pittsburgh, Made in PGH showcases an up-and-coming class of creatives, change-makers, hustlers and innovators who are redefining what it means to be Made in PGH.

The Resilience (and Resurgence) 

When the steel industry collapsed, it promised to take the entire city of Pittsburgh down with it. As a result, there was a time when the very survival of the city was in question. In the years since, those questions have been answered. Pittsburgh, and its people, prevailed.

Of course the story behind the resurgence of the Steel City isn’t quite that simple. It’s a tale of a resilience. A city reimagined. An economy reinvented. With roots in innovation, healthcare and education.

Now Pittsburgh, a city that previously teetered on the brink collapse, is credited with being among the most liveable as well as a must-visit locale. It’s a place where new [technologies] and old [traditions] collide on a daily basis. Where people with a ferocious pride for their city, its sports teams and their respective neighborhood, combine these small-town ideals with big-city ideas to propel Pittsburgh forward.

The Platform 

Perhaps the best part about all of this rebuild, reinvent and reimagine talk is the fact that Pittsburgh’s future remains unwritten. It’s promising, but not promised. It’s uncertain. And it’s incumbent upon us to define, and redefine, what Pittsburgh will become.

It’s a unique opportunity, to say the least. The chance to contribute to, or be part of, a city-wide transition. To create and innovate. To make art and a difference. To usher in the next evolution of Pittsburgh and help determine what is, and what it means to be, Made in PGH.

Show your Work

So, what do you say? Or maybe the better question is, what do you make?

Do you have something to contribute, or show off and showcase? Do you know someone who does? It doesn’t matter if it’s art or an idea, a masterpiece or a piece of code, we’re here to help you spread the word about anything and everything that’s Made in PGH.

We hope you’ll do the same. Start by tweeting at us to share your work and ideas, using @madeinpgh and #madeinpgh.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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