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Thanks to countless easy-to-use platforms, building and designing your own website is becoming increasingly accessible to the general public. There are plenty of ways to create a beautiful landing page for your product, company, or self-promotion. But beauty is only screen-deep. Sparkbox works closely with their clients to develop products and systems that are more than just a pretty face.

Working together with companies to understand their exact needs, Sparkbox helps to design and build custom websites and apps. Their approach to web development is unique because of the company’s ultimate objective: to “empower [clients] to own [their] application or website.” By embedding themselves into their client’s ecosystem, they establish a lasting relationship and an intimate understanding of needs and desired outcomes.

Sparkbox Comes to the Steel
Image via Sparkbox

Founded in Ohio in 2009, Sparkbox recently set up offices in PPG Place. With that move, the company brought with them a passion for education. As the website states, they “embed training in everything [they] do, whether [they]’re showing you how to make human-centered design decisions or writing code that will work as well tomorrow as it does today.” From group trainings to solitary workshops, they offer a variety of ways to learn the ways of the web. But their commitment to education doesn’t end there. The developers on this all-star team have developed a curriculum for kids and teens that covers all the basics of basic website development—content-building, design fundamentals, HTML, and CSS. Making use of the dynamic development/design platform, these workshops are a great introduction and tutorial. And Sparkbox is thrilled to share this curriculum widely and freely to organizations like Girls Who Code, Girl Scouts, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, School2Career, and more.

From hands-on website development for a wide range of companies to showing budding web developers the enchanting world of coding, Sparkbox is dedicated to making the web more accessible, more approachable, and more awesome.


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