Half-consumed glass bottles of various alcohols lining your at-home bar shelf can be a joy for some folks. It can show off just how cultured you are and demonstrates you have the know-how to whip up a fine cocktail at any moment. I have friends who are great at this. But I am not one of those people. 

My home’s “alcohol display shelf” primarily serves as liquid home decor and a reminder of my big investments into bottles of alcohol which I should figure out how to drink in a way that lets them showcase their tastiness. But for the most part the bottles sit idle, reminding me of my lack of cocktail-abilities. 

Smart Spirits

This is why I’m excited about the forthcoming Smart Spirits alcohol dispensing machines. Put in a bottle of neutral grain alcohol, add a flavored non-alcoholic disc of choice, select how strong you want your drink to be, press a button and voilà, you are a high-class cocktail-slinging expert just as good as your cocktail-cultured friend Aaron. 

I like to think of it as a Keurig for alcohol – I need to have it, it requires I do little, and the machine makes the magic happen. (Oh drink machines how I love thee!) Even better their website offers drink recipes – guiding you through how to make the drink you want. Smart Spirits has 30 different flavors — so any drink you could probably think of you can mix up at home without having to grab all the bottles and measuring a jigger of this and a splash of that. Not to mention you no longer have to channel your inner Taylor Swift and shake, shake, shake.  

Their flavoring offering runs the gamut of rums, whiskeys, and gins to vodkas, liquors, and more. With the Smart Spirits machine you can drink one straight or have fun with a mix-and-match approach – where you add your desired drink flavors then separately add in your mixer of choice. This is going to let me be the bartender I’ve always dreamed of being, but without the pesky annoyances of training or figuring out the right combinations and measurements (or suffering thru consuming what I had initially thought was a good idea for a drink combination which turned out to be much the opposite)

The machine itself is a breeze to manage, the ordering of the alcohol and discs straight forward, and the self-gratification I will get at being just as good as my friend Aaron is pretty much gonna be priceless. I can’t wait until the first units ship and my homemade cocktails get their much needed drink IQ boost! 

Learn more about Smart Spirits at their website and follow them on Facebook to up your personal drink IQ. 

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Mo Macel

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