Since 1939, Larrimor’s has been Pittsburgh’s destination for high quality and custom clothing, skilled tailoring, and accessories that pull the whole look together. For three generations, the store’s mission has been to make people feel good about themselves through what they wear.

At Larrimor’s, expect to find a wide array of menswear and womenswear that has been carefully curated by a talented group of buyers who search the world for exceptional products. Specializing in fine Italian clothing, their brands are mainly sourced from Europe. This is high-end fashion at a variety of price points. Shop from accessible designers for your day-to-day wear to the finest fashion houses for life’s most important occasions.

Larrimor’s understands that there is a growing demand for custom tailored clothing. This is why they custom-craft your pieces to fit your body and flatter your shape. Larrimor’s clothing for men includes custom menswear and suiting, made-to-measure suits, and bespoke clothing in a wide range of styles.

Fashion moves quickly, but Larrimor’s is so renowned for their practiced eye. That is what allows the staff to bring fashion to Pittsburgh that is as of-the-moment as it is timeless. A “Larrimor’s Look” is elegant, polished, and made up of statement pieces that you will wear for life.

Larrimor’s above-and-beyond customer service makes it easy to shop. Having a relationship with a sales associate who will take care of you, who only shows you what they think looks good on you, spares you both time and frustration. Larrimor’s associates seamlessly integrate into customers’ busy lives, styling each individual in a more complete, authentic way. They understand not only your look but your lifestyle, helping you achieve the impeccable look and fit you want. If no one ever taught you how to shop, this interpersonal relationship may sound too good to be true. But at Larrimor’s, it’s simply the best way to shop.

“I don’t think a lot of people know that you can have a relationship with a salesperson who will take such good care of you, who isn’t going to pressure you. With Larrimor’s, you have the opportunity to work with somebody who really cares about you and the look you want, then helps you effortlessly achieve it.”

-Tom Michael, President of Larrimor’s

You don’t even have to live in Pittsburgh to take advantage of Larrimor’s service. They curate, assemble, and mail you customized “Style Boxes,” just for you. Keep what you want, and return what you don’t.

In addition to Larrimor’s regular business hours, they are also open by appointment to suit your schedule. The on-site tailor can even come to your home or office. Shopping online is available as well, and those living within 5 miles will have their orders delivered the same day.

If you love fashion, stop into Larrimor’s downtown to discover the very best menswear and womenswear. Find handbags and jewelry too, all served up with unparalleled service. Follow Larrimor’s on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on events, special offers, trunk shows, and giveaways! And don’t forget to check out our interview with Tom Michael to learn more about Larrimor’s story!

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