Since 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in the U.S. throughout the month of May. It’s time to take care of ourselves each day, for the sake of sanity. Between balancing exercise, listening to music or treating yourself to a cold glass of your favorite beer, here are a few other self-care products and services to check out in Pittsburgh:

Tonic & Sage

Focused on holistic whole-body care, Tonic & Sage offers a variety of products dedicated to feeling rejuvenated, calm and collected after a long workday… or week. Some of the best products to decompress with include herbal balms like the Calm Balm and bath salts such as the Elements Bath Salts. When ordering online, each distinct product highlights how to use each one and all of the ingredients that it takes to make them. Aromatherapy, apothecary, bath and body collections, these electric yet satisfying items help you de-stress your mind while adding another layer of comfort to the body.

True REST Float Spa

With three locations in the South Hills, McMurray and Wexford, True REST Float Spa has affordable memberships starting at $65 a month that will make you feel like a million bucks with a feeling of floating in the air. The spa focuses on reduced environmental stimulus therapy, in which each pod uses 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salts to make floating on water feel like a zero-gravity environment. Drift away, relax and recover, because the scientific approach helps eliminate the force of gravity, so the floating doesn’t pull on the muscular or nervous systems, providing comfort and solitude aimed to help relieve pain and problems with sleep.

Abeille Voyante Tea Co

With a fresh, new look, Abeille Voyante Tea Co. has rebranded with the same great, varietal tastes by blending organic, loose-leaf teas. Stay hydrated and in-the-moment by brewing some amazing teas with an abundance to choose from for each remedy. As a treat yourself or a thoughtful, affordable gift to a loved one, shop for black, chai, white, “Emotionalitea,” green, herbal, oolong, rooibos and teas for immune-boosting or even try a sampler box to find your fit. Whether it’s to recharge, get over a breakup or a hangover, there are teas here for just about anything with packed herbal medicine benefits.

White Whale Books & Coffee

Open daily from 8 a.m.- 7 p.m. get lost in the tangible, crisp and fresh page-feeling of opening a great book at White Whale Bookstore. Plus, feed your senses with the robust, comforting coffee bean aroma of the café. Take care of your brain, curl up to a new book and immerse yourself in words for a while instead of being on your phone or a Netflix marathon. The bookstore shifted to online shopping, too, as well as hosting author reading, poetry nights, writing workshops, children’s story hour and more.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Colin Parrish

Colin is a Pittsburgh born and raised, daydreamer, restaurant foodie addict whose passions include running, thrifting, camping, and having a healthy amount of coffee or Malbec (depending on the time of day) . As a typical jagoff, you can catch him shopping in the Strip, running in Highland Park, or finding the best hiking views just outside of the city. He is a content manager for YaJagoff Media LLC and currently lives in Etna, PA.

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