Trusst Brand’s founder and Chief Creative Office, Sophia Berman, has always been passionate about two things. First, problem solving in unconventional ways. Second, supporting women. She brought these two passions together, paired with a background in design and engineering, to develop a solution to a common problem that many women face.

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Sophia recognized that something women relied on every day wasn’t living up to the expectation. Bra designs for D+ bras were historically just larger versions of AA bras. Conducting consumer interviews, engineering, and technical design, Trusst set out to create high-tech bras with more support than a typical bra.

In 2015, the company launched on Kickstarter. Sophia raised $1 million in funding from family, investors, and Innovation Works, a Pittsburgh-based seed stage investor.

The Trusst name is taken from a truss bridge. This engineering principle is featured in the brand’s patented design. Using 3D printing and the Truss principle, Sophia’s team created the Breast Advanced Support Technology (BAST™). The bra cups on a Trusst bra lift from underneath, taking over 80% of the weight from the cup itself. This takes weight off a woman’s shoulders and back as the bra doesn’t rely on shoulder straps to carry all the weight.

Trusst Brands has expanded its product line to feature 12 bras in sizes ranging from 34E to 46F. Featuring a brick-and-mortar store in East Liberty as well as an online store, the company has expanded its line to include underwear as well.

Source: Trusst Facebook page
Source: Trusst Facebook page

With customer feedback describing Trusst bras as “life-changing,” Sophia is committed to continuing to advance technology to improve the lives of women.

Trusst was named as a finalist in the Pittsburgh Technology Council Innovator of the Year – Consumer Products in 2015. The company and its founder were also featured in a Forbes article last year.

Source: Trusst Facebook page
Source: Trusst Facebook page

Shop Trusst products here, and follow the company’s journey on social media.

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