Visitors to the Burgh, yinzers looking for a staycation, we have a new hotel to tell you about! Located right in Pittsburgh’s Downtown neighborhood, the Joinery Hotel is your next destination! This modern and contemporary hotel has 185 guest rooms as well as approximately 800 square feet of event and meeting spaces. Our personal favorite part of the Joinery Hotel is its 10th-floor rooftop terrace that offers a view of Mount Washington and panoramic views of the Downtown Pittsburgh cityscape. This terrace is available to all hotel guests to enjoy a happy hour glass of wine or a morning coffee!

Now let’s get into some of the new and exciting features of the Joinery Hotel. The whole lobby area has undergone renovations since its previous tenant, the Distrikt Hotel, closed its doors in 2020. The redesign perfectly embodies the new direction of this Hilton hotel. In the lobby, you’ll find a game room seating area with several classic board games, along with tables imprinted with checkers and chess boards. This is perfect for unwinding after a day of travel or as a fun family night activity during your stay. 

Another section of the Joinery’s refreshed lobby gives off a coffee shop vibe with its cozy sofa seating lining the wall, record players, and a book-lending library. You can stop by the offering table/front desk to grab a cup of coffee before listening to the array of records in the Joinery’s collection. If you prefer reading in your room, take advantage of the lending library of over 600 books in the lobby and take one up to your room for the duration of your stay. 

All of these upgrades and little cozy touches were made possible through thoughtfully curated local partnerships. The Joinery Hotel is “energized about [their] partnerships with Amazing Books & Records, Get Hip Records, Nicolas Coffee, Voodoo Brewing, and more to provide a one-of-a-kind experience in the Burgh.” 

One thing that is still in the works after the Joinery’s July opening is their feature dining experience. Previously occupied by Or The Whale, this attached restaurant space offers a modern contemporary vibe complete with long tables, a wine cellar, and a bar area on the second floor. Cosmetic updates have transformed this space into a perfect venue for any local chef! The Joinery Hotel is looking for a unique concept to fill this vacancy that will win over the city of Pittsburgh and its hotel guests. If you know anyone that may be interested in occupying this place, contact the Specialty Group for more info. 

The Joinery Hotel not only has a restaurant concept in its future, but  also some fun events planned for the future. These include pop-up concerts and art events that will be Joinery Hotel exclusives. You can hear about future events by following along on their social channels at @joineryhotelpgh for the most up-to-date information. 

When we asked Joinery Hotel General Manager, Donato Coluccio, what direction he sees the Joinery Hotel going in towards the future, and where the focus of their hospitality will lie. He said the following:

“As we look to the future, we see Joinery Hotel Pittsburgh becoming a central hub for locals and visitors alike in downtown Pittsburgh. We want the community to feel that our space is their space, perfect to host their next meeting, stop in for a cup of coffee in the morning, or cocktail at the end of the day. We will continue to focus on building authentic relationships with local partners to help shine a light on all the amazing people, places, and things that our city has to offer!”

Previously the hub for the Salvation Army, the building that hosts the Joinery Hotel has so much character. Their stunning dual-level lobby is detailed with the original molding from this building that dates back to the 1920s. A later-installed staircase leads from the lower level of the lobby up to the mezzanine where you’ll find some of the Joinery’s event space. A private meeting room with an all-glass wall allows for your event to be private while still enjoying the view of the large open space with high ceilings. To book your corporate or social event here, reach out to the Joinery Hotel’s Events Team with this form.

General Manager Donato Coluccio said if there’s one thing he wants the community to know it’s this! “We are open! We are deeply proud and excited about what we have to offer to guests visiting Pittsburgh for the first time or the local resident looking for a change of scenery.” You heard it here first. The Joinery Hotel can’t wait to host you, no matter where you’re from, so welcome travelers and yinzer alike!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Francesca Ferrante

Francesca Ferrante aka The412Franimal is a Blogger/Influencer for travel and ALL things Pittsburgh. Typically you can find her all over the US exploring the best food, views and adult beverages, or at a local PGH brewery watching whatever sport is in season. Passionate about helping others make the best memories, she loves sharing recommendations and tips for restaurants, events, happy hours & more!

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