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When you hear “studio portrait”, where does you mind go?  Does it remind you of that Senior High Prom picture with that date you haven’t spoken to since that night?  Or what about the family Holiday card where everyone is in matching turtleneck sweaters (guilty as charged)?

The reality is – a lot of times, they are rather unflattering and even cringe worthy.  Afterwards, you stuff them in a box and pray that they never resurface.

Have no fear for you all, for I have a solution – Iconic Image Workshops, provided by Kaela Speicher.  When it comes to taking one of these workshops, it’s not simply just about the picture itself, but how one achieves the picture, as planning and prepping will be necessary.

Geared for the modern actor, real estate agent, or even one who is looking to up their selfie game, this workshop is helpful in just about every way imaginable in order to achieve the most perfect image possible.

In order to achieve that perfect image, Iconic Image Workshops start from the ground up, offering personal styling sessions, camera angle tips and tricks, as well as personalized training for when you have to stand in front of the camera.  The company also assists with group sessions, striving to help you define your messages and values, while learning control to take that perfect shot.

Standing in front of a camera can be really daunting, especially if you don’t necessarily do this for a living, or on a regular basis.  Iconic Image Workshops are geared to help you look, and most important feel your absolute best.

For more information regarding Iconic Image Workshops, head to their website at www.kaelaspeicher.com

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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