Parking in Pittsburgh just got better and easier. PayByPhone, a multi-city, multi-country parking app, is now available across the city. The app allows you to change the way you park and park without change – no more carrying quarters or getting out your credit card. With PayByPhone all you really need is your phone for a fully contactless parking experience.  

Without the app parking involves more manual effort – you have to input your license plate info into the pay station, manually add time, get out your wallet to pay, and wait for confirmation and your receipt. With the PayByPhone app you can store your vehicle info and payment method in the app then when you park all you’ll need to do is enter a location number, select a duration, and confirm payment. You can even have your receipt automatically emailed to you. That’s right, within a few taps you’ll have your parking paid and be on your way.

The key benefit of using PayByPhone is avoiding tickets. We’ve all been there – hanging out with friends, nervously watching our watch to make sure we haven’t let our meter tick down to zero, rushing out and back to the car worried the Pittsburgh Parking Authority is on the prowl right next to our spot. With PayByPhone those worries are no more since you can set it up to text you when time is about to expire and you can even extend your meter from within the app. That’s right, no more heart-pounding foot races back to your car. 

Another great benefit of PayByPhone is that it doesn’t just work in Pittsburgh. If you head into any other PayByPhone city it’s the same process. You can even use the app to help you plan ahead and locate a PayByPhone parking spot – definitely a plus when you’re trying to navigate an unfamiliar city or if you just want to get in-and-out of one as quickly as possible (we’re looking at you Cleveland). 

Before your next trip into the city do yourself a favor and download the PayByPhone parking app. Your quarters, wallet, and heart will thank you. 

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Mo Macel

Mo is a pun-loving Pittsburgher who likes to take photos and write. When not focusing on her kiddos, you'll find her pursuing happiness and working on living the American Dream via one craft beer at a time. She blogs at and

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