Meet Brad Frost. He’s a front-end developer from Pittsburgh.

brad frost

Of course, that’s just the abridged version of a much, much longer bio that includes: web designer, speaker, consultant, musician and artist, who, in his free time, is writing a book (while tweeting A LOT!).

Put simply, Brad is a creative in the fullest sense of the word. And, as anyone who has tried to chase down a creative endeavor knows, you don’t rise through the ranks of the creative class without working insanely hard to hone your craft.

“Things that are genuinely good will be shared”

Honing your craft, getting noticed and creating art worth sharing are exactly the kinds of things Brad discussed in a Creative Mornings talk held here in Pittsburgh.

As Brad points out, and as the name of the presentation suggests, the world is full of noise. Or, bullshit as he puts it.

“90% of everything is crap,” Frost points out, quoting author Theodore Sturgeon. The trick, and our job as creatives, is to cut through the noise. Be the signal. Create genuinely good work, the kind of work people want to see, share and need. To quote Frost:

“It’s really about respecting yourself. Respect your craft. Respect what you do. And respect people’s time…give them more of what they want, and less of what they don’t want.”

“We are the Creators”

Since we are the ones who are out there making things, that makes us the creators. Which means we have a choice to make: Are we the signal, or are we just making noise?

Ultimately that part is up to you. But Brad wants to help. So if you follow Frost’s lead, you’ll find that “The future is about focus.” And, as any good creative knows, focus is exactly what is required of us. That’s how we hone our craft and create something worth sharing.

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