Ready, set, snack! Get the wings ready because Super Bowl Sunday is approaching. An estimated 99 million people ( will tune in for the big game taking place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. And yes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the only team in history to host the Super Bowl. The Weeknd performs at halftime, while Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan take the stage for the National Anthem. Grammy award winning R& B artist H.E.R. will perform “America the Beautiful”. 

Of course, you’ll have some good snacks for the game. While enjoying the food, remember that each 30 second commercial spot costs 5.6 million! (Sporting Here’s a list of snacks and fun facts for SB LV!

Chicken Wings

The number one food consumed during every Super Bowl! You might like it dry, you might like it saucy. Hot or mild? Either way, American’s eat 1.25 billion wings during the Super Bowl! (Wikipedia) Oh it’s so good!


super bowl snacks pizza
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12.5 million pizzas will be ordered, with Domino’s selling the most at 11 million slices. (American Pizza Community) Most popular pizza topping….pepperoni! Ah, nothing like some good old pep! 


super bowl snacks nachos
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Grab the bag, dip some chips. During the game, 28 million pounds of chips will go down according to Wikipedia. That’s a lot of chips—and it’s the best. Because chips are the best. Who doesn’t love a tasty bag of salt & vinegar?! 


super bowl snacks beer
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Kick one back. Americans will drink 325 million gallons of beer during the game, according to an article by Men’s Fitness. This is probably why 17 million people take off from work the next day ( In recent years there’s been talk of making the day after the Super Bowl a holiday. Sure why not?!


super bowl snacks avocado
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It’s the biggest avocado day of the year–26 million will be eaten, according to the California Avocado Commission. Grab the guac, man!

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