Go for a walk downtown or any major neighborhood around Pittsburgh, one word you will see time and time again: BAR.

Whether it’s a dive bar, sports bar or hotel bar, there are plenty of options for those wishing for a beer-clad location.  But, when it comes to a low-key wine bar in the heart of the cities trendiest neighborhoods, you can bet people will flock.

SPiLL the Wine Bar
Courtesy of SPiLL the Wine Bar

SPiLL the Wine Bar, which is located in the heart of Bloomfield, offers a unique wine-tasting experience, offering both a retail and tasting experience all under one roof.

Owners Jim and Robin Sattler wanted to create a “safe-space” for wine tasting not only to educate their customers, but also learn and thing or two for themselves.  

On selection, SPiLL offers wines from both Australia and Italy, with selections from wineries such as Collefrisio, Danimi, and Casali Maniago.  And we can’t forget – SPiLL offers 42 different varietals of wine sold by the glass, bottle or case.

Wine tasting can be daunting. Glass after glass (although, it sounds more fun than we might think), you might become overwhelmed.  Yet, this is a way to be more refined when tasting different wines, varied by colors, and even regions.

To add to the wonderful atmosphere, photographs surround guests of old-Bloomfield, giving a sense of history and pride surrounding this Pittsburgh neighborhood.

The Sattler’s want this environment to be warm and cozy, allowing guests to sample a few styles of wine, then moving to glasses if they truly enjoy a selection (ranging from $6-$10 a glass).   And if you happen to expect food, just expect some small bites. Yet, guests are welcome to bring their own food for a more restaurant styled experience.

So why not for one night leave your IPA’s and Blue Moon’s at home, and educate yourself on a glass of wine you might never have noticed before – that is, until SPiLL.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Aaron Valentic

Aaron is a recent transplant back to Pittsburgh, PA after living in New York for five years. From all things relating to art, culture, fashion along with the Pittsburgh social scene, he surely knows the heartbeat of his hometown.

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