Does anyone else get in the habit of going to the same one or two restaurants to celebrate a special occasion? It seems like we have a list of restaurants we want to try, but we can never remember what they are when it comes time to *actually* make a reservation. To help our future selves, here are 16 restaurants we want to get a table at next time we have something to celebrate. Or, you know, next time we decide to get dressed up for a night out…whichever comes first.


where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Acorn
Photo Credit: @acornpgh, Instagram

You already know we love Acorn, so we had to include it on our list. From the locally sourced ingredients to the Instagrammable plating, you can’t go wrong! And, Acorn is perfect for a brunch celebration, too.


where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Altius
Photo Credit: @altius_pgh, Instagram

Dinner with a view? Yes, please! Altius is an elevated dining experience in every aspect of the word (because it’s on Mt. Washington…get it?!) You might go for the view, but you’ll go back for the food.

Bridges and Bourbon

where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Bridges and Bourbon
Photo Credit: @bridgesandbourbonpgh, Instagram

The cocktails speak for themselves at Bridges and Bourbon, which is obvious if you follow them on social media. But don’t overlook their tapas menu. It’s worthy of any celebration, even just celebrating surviving another week!


where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Casbah
Photo Credit: @casbahpgh, Instagram

We think Casbah is one of the quintessential special occasion restaurants in Pittsburgh, and for good reason. It’s the kind of restaurant where everything they make is delicious, so you always want to try something new, but you also want to order whatever you had last time because you just keep thinking about it.

Cucina Vitale

where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Cucina Vitale
Photo Credit: @cucinavitalepgh, Facebook

Cucina Vitale might be small, but you shouldn’t overlook it. Inspired by traditional Sunday Italian dinners, they’re serving up homemade pasta, wedding soup, meatballs, and more. The dining room is intimate, so we recommend a reservation.

Dish Osteria

where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Dish Osteria
Photo Credit: Lauren Roberts

Did anyone else do a happy dance when Dish reopened? You can’t go wrong no matter what you order…just make sure you go hungry, try as many dishes as you possibly can, and save room for the tiramisu for dessert.

Eddie Merlot’s

where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Eddie Merlot's
Photo Credit: @eddiemerlots, Instagram

If you’ve ever wanted to try Wagyu beef from Australia, Eddie Merlot’s is where you should be. Even if you don’t splurge on the Wagyu, the rest of their steaks are still amazing, and aged naturally for a minimum of 21 days. They have plenty of other options, too, if steak isn’t your thing!

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Eddie V's
Photo Credit: @eddievs_, Instagram

Don’t confuse the two Eddie’s in Pittsburgh…Eddie V’s is all about the seafood. Oysters, caviar, shellfish, sashimi, they have it all. There are, of course, dishes available for the landlubbers – so everyone is happy.


where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Eleven
Photo Credit: @elevenpgh, Instagram

If you ask anyone in Pittsburgh where you should go for a special dinner, chances are they’ll mention Eleven. From seafood to foie gras, pasta to steak, they’re letting the ingredients take center stage. Which, as they mention on their site, echoes the kitchen’s position in the heart of the building.


where to eat to celebrate a special occasion fl.2
Photo Credit: @fl2pgh, Instagram

Floor 2 was designed to evoke casual luxury at its finest, and we definitely feel swanky when we’re there. We especially love sitting where we can watch the kitchen – is anyone else fascinated by this? Anyway, get a cocktail and settle in for a delicious meal…and stay the night to make it extra special!

Jean Louis

where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Jean Louis
Photo Credit: @jeanlouispgh, Instagram

Jean Louis promises that, as an authentic French bistro, you’ll be greeted as family, and leave as well-fed family, so we’re in love. They’re sourcing only the best ingredients for their dishes, and we should probably celebrate more often so we can sample everything. Especially the dessert. Ahem.

Paris 66

where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Paris 66
Photo Credit: @paris66bistro, Instagram

Can you tell we’re daydreaming about Paris? Paris 66, that is, where you’re transported to Paris the second you walk through the door. From the atmosphere to the tastes and smells, you’ll think you booked a trip instead of just a table for your special occasion.

Piccolo Forno

where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Piccolo Forno
Photo Credit: @piccolofornopgh, Instagram

The motto at Piccolo Forno is “fare tutto con amore”, or “make everything with love”. And you can tell that they do. If you’ve ever tried making pasta from scratch, you know it’s a labor of love! And yet all of their pastas, pizzas, and starters are made by hand, with love.

Poulet Bleu

where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Poulet Bleu
Photo Credit: @pouletbleupgh, Instagram

Poulet Bleu is, according to their website, an American bistro featuring the classics of what makes a bistro the ultimate neighborhood spot. We’re not totally sure what that means, but we want to find out. And we also want to save room for the chocolate souffle, thanks to our Insta-friends.


where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Senti
Photo Credit: @sentirestaurant, Instagram

If you love Italian food, you should reserve a table at Senti for your next night out. They offer two sides to their dinner menu – one that features the classic Italian flavors, and one that provides modern takes on Italian cuisine. We think we’ll order from both and share to get the best of both worlds.


where to eat to celebrate a special occasion Talia
Photo Credit: @taliapgh, Instagram

Another Italian option, Talia is the place to be if you love Amari (which is made by infusing a base alcohol like brandy or wine with a proprietary blend of herbs, roots, flowers, and spices). We’ve never tried it, but we think it would a fun way to celebrate!

Now you know our list…what restaurants are on your list?? Tell us in a comment so we can all make a reservation!

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Lauren Roberts

Lauren loves all things Pittsburgh and all things food! When she's not checking out a new restaurant, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working on her photography, or out on a bike ride exploring the city.

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