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In the mood for Japanese, Thai, or Korean? Then Social House 7, located on 7th Street downtown, is the location to hit-up during Pittsburgh’s 2019 Restaurant Week. The week’s special menu offers a $35.19 dinner and a $20.19 entree option – the features: Peppered Pork and Scotched Egg, Braised BBQ Short Rib, and Fried Banana Rolls.

The Asian-infused atmosphere welcomes you in as you literally walk over koi fish swimming underfoot. Walls are adorned with geishas and you won’t be able to miss the large Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) statue watching over you as you eat your meal. While we would have preferred if the music also matched the atmosphere we were soon enough distracted by tasty dishes and the sounds of mastication.

The full menu offers a little something for all foodie types — for sushi lovers to meat lovers to vegetarians and vegans. And their stocked bar also means you’ll find the perfect drink to pair with your selected dish. Bring a friend because you’ll want to be able to sample as many dishes as possible. Our recent trip had us fall in love with the Edamame appetizer and Crispy Brussel slaw-salad. And if the Restaurant Week’s featured dessert of Fried Banana Rolls is anything like their Fortune Cookie then all lucky diners are in for a mouth-watering treat which caps the meal perfectly.

Social House 7 is open every day for lunch, dinner, and late night dining.

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