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The North Shore’s Pittsburgh Restaurant Week offerings can be found at The Foundry Table and Tap. With a $20.19 Lunch menu and a $35.19 Dinner menu you could even get to both to enjoy the full assortment of the week’s special menu.

The Foundry has a rustic, industrial-farmhouse vibe which is complemented by a locally-sourced, sustainable, and organic menu. The dining area has plenty of room between tables and the different-sized table options are ready to accommodate you – whether you are dining alone, with a friend, or with all of your friends. There are also really cool old-school Pittsburgh maps on the wall which will make you want to figure out how you can also get one for your own home pad.

The lunch and dinner menus for Restaurant Week are comparable – with just one additional entree choice (Pretzel Crusted Tenderloin) offered during dinner. And for all you mushroom foodies out there – forego your usual in-the-woods mushroom hunting trip this week and just hit up the Wild Mushroom Soup. It’s only available during restaurant week and is so mushroomy-creamy good that you’ll think your mouth has discovered a magical field of divine-tasting ‘shrooms. The soup or salad is followed by the main course and if it’s the Grilled Salmon you’ll be sloshing and slurping up the entire bowl (and be sure to eat the pickled carrots!). Everyone needs and gets dessert which is a Blood Orange Creme Brulee which left us wishing it was socially acceptable to lick the bowl.

The Foundry, located at 381 N. Shore Drive, is open for brunch, dinner, and late night dining on Tuesday-Sunday and starting at 4pm on Mondays.

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