When it comes to bagels there’s no better place to look than the ‘burgh. Both rich in Jewish and Polish history, bagels and Pittsburgh have a deep rooted connection. As Hanukkah vastly approaches we have rounded up our favorite bagel places, so hop in we’re going on a bagel crawl! 

Squirrel Hill 

The Bagel Factory

pittsburgh bagels bagel factory
Image via: Yelp

The Bagel Factory is a bagel shop and deli offering an array of bagels, bagel sandwiches, and much more! From pizza bagels to bagel chips, breakfast bagels, and classic plain bagels, the bagel factory is true to its name and has something any and every bagel lover will enjoy. 

Pigeon Bagels

pittsburgh bagels pigeon bagels
Image via: Pigeon Bagels, Instagram

Temporarily closed due to COVID-19, Pigeon Bagels is a certified kosher bagel shop and cafe serving fresh bagels, housemade pastries, and beverages from their full espresso bar. Their claim to fame are a variety of daily bagels including plain, sesame garlic & sea salt, everything, and marble. Pair the bagel with your choice of spread or cream cheese and top it with lox or white fish, the possibilities are endless! We’ll definitely be the first in line when they reopen and we hope you are too. 

Nu: A Modern Jewish bistro

pittsburgh bagels nu jewish bistro
Image via: Nu: A Modern Jewish Bistro, Facebook

Nu Jewish Bistro is a self-coined “hybrid” Jewish restaurant selling Jewish and non-Jewish eats where everything is made from scratch including the bagels! If you’re looking for an authentic eating experience this holiday look no further than Nu. 

Gluuteny Bakery 

pittsburgh bagels gluuteny bakery
Image via: Gluuteny Bakery, Instagram

Love bagels but can’t tolerate gluten? Don’t worry, we have the perfect place for you. Gluuteny Bakery is an award winning dedicated gluten and dairy-free bakery where you can purchase gluten free bagels and other savory items at wholesale. Their menu also includes brownies, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, tarts, and much more. 

And Beyond… 

Kaibur Coffee

pittsburgh bagels kaibur coffee
Image via: Kaibur Coffee, Instagram

We hop over to Polish Hill to a vegan and vegetarian cafe serving specialty coffee from Elixr and vegan pastries all made in house. Kaibur Coffee also provides everything and plain bagels with your option of vegan or dairy cream cheese. The cafe currently has in-store pick up and local delivery available and opportunities for online ordering on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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Rebecca Hansborough

Rebecca is a Pittsburgh transplant of five years with experience in content writing, social media management, public relations, web editing, and much more. Her passion for food inspired her to create an Instagram based food blog that shares a combination of local cuisine and homemade meals. When she’s not focusing on food, she also enjoys the Pittsburgh arts and entertainment scene, from Broadway shows, music festivals, to gallery crawls. She is excited to share her love for all things Pittsburgh with future readers!

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