Let’s be real: Pittsburgh doesn’t get a ton of beautiful, picturesque days. So when we do get one, we have to be ready to drop everything and spend some time outside. One of our favorite ways to do that? A picnic. Since we usually can’t predict when the gorgeous days will happen, sometimes we don’t have time to pack our own picnic basket. Here are a few of our favorite places to grab something to eat on our way to the park!

the best pittsburgh picnic takeout
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La Gourmandine

La Gourmandine is the full package: you can get your savory and sweet fix here! It’s also perfect if you do have time to pack your own sandwiches with their fresh bread. Or croissants. Or, well, just get one of everything.

Chantal's Cheese Shop's Owner Anaïs
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Chantal’s Cheese Shop

We love Chantal’s, because we lovecheese. And what is more perfect for a picnic than some cheese, baguette, salami, and wine? You can get three of the four at Chantal’s, and we’ll meet you with the wine.

the best pittsburgh picnic takeout
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Bluebird Kitchen

Bluebird is excellent for those days when you’re at the office but can’t stand to stay inside for lunch. Swing by, pick up a sandwich and a cookie, and pretend you don’t have to go back to work after you’re done eating.

perfect pittsburgh picnic takeout
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Carson Street Deli

Sandwiches are one of the perfect picnic foods, and Carson Street Deli is the place to get your sandwich fix. Bonus points because they have an awesome beer selection, tasty sides, soups, and desserts.

the best pittsburgh picnic takeout
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Duncan Street Sandwich Shop

Or you can hit up Duncan Street Sandwich Shop if you want to try a new sandwich! Hang out on their patio if you don’t feel like finding your own picnic spot – just don’t forget the beer and wine.

the best pittsburgh picnic takeout
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Pub Chip Shop

Pub Chip Shop would be perfect for a picnic on a slightly chilly day. Imagine sitting, wrapped in a blanket, digging into a nice, warm steak and ale pie…or opt for a breakfast biscuit and donut for a breakfast picnic. (Are breakfast picnics a thing? Because they should be!)

the best pittsburgh picnic takeout
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Driftwood Oven

Since tables fill up quickly at Driftwood, get your order to go and eat it in Arsenal Park. Pizza for a picnic? Yes, please! And sandwiches, salads, small plates…you get the drift (ha!)

the best pittsburgh picnic takeout
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The Pretzel Shop

Did you know The Pretzel Shop offers a bunch of sandwiches, and even pizza pretzels? We love their chicken salad, with a cinnamon sugar pretzel for dessert. Just remember – they only take cash.

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Lulu’s Noodles

If sandwiches aren’t your thing, stop Lulu’s for some noodles and a bubble tea. Their portions are generous, so be prepared to share or take home some leftovers – something we will never complain about!

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