Okay, so… it hasn’t exactly been as cold this winter as we’ve seen in the past here in the ‘Burgh. But don’t get too cozy just yet! Before it gets too chilly out there, you’re going to want to brush up on the best spots in Pittsburgh to get a nice, warm mug of hot cocoa. Luckily for you, we’ve picked out eight of the coolest (figuratively!) places to enjoy some hot cocoa this winter from all across the city. The next time the temps drop, try a cup and let us know which one is your favorite!

Square Cafe

Beloved classic cafe Square Cafe, which moved to East Liberty in 2020, features not one but four kinds of hot chocolate on its menu! Choose from classic chocolate, white hot chocolate, seasonal peppermint, or caramel hot chocolate, all of which are available in either 12 or 16oz. Of course, the best way to drink any of these flavors is in one of Square Cafe’s signature squared-off mugs!


Local drive-through coffee shop chain BeanThru will get you warmed up in a hurry with their delicious, rich hot chocolate made with Ghirardelli chocolate and freshly steamed milk. Who says you can’t get warm on the road?

Oakmont Bakery

Though perhaps best known for its baked goods, Oakmont Bakery is also a cafe with delicious beverages, because what’s a cupcake without a hot cup of cocoa? Choose from either classic chocolate or white hot chocolate – and don’t forget a fresh pastry while you’re there!


Soluna (formerly Cafetano) features hot chocolate on their menu topped with the tiny little marshmallows you might remember from your childhood and honestly, what’s better than that? (It doesn’t hurt that their stunning space has now grown to add on a mezcal bar, in case you’re in need of some serious warming-up.)

Biddle’s Escape

Calling all vegans! Sometimes hot cocoa can be hard to find if you stick to a plant-based diet, but not at Biddle’s Escape! You can now sip a vegan hot chocolate topped with dairy-free, coconut-based whipped cream that’s good to the very last drop.

De Fer Coffee & Tea

De Fer Coffee & Tea is well-known for its innovative coffee and tea drinks, but if you’re looking for a rich, seasonal hot cocoa, look no further! Their winter special is a peppermint hot cocoa (or mocha, if you like some caffeine in your bloodstream) that’s an “instant classic” – and so pretty too!

Commonplace Coffee

Commonplace Coffee takes its hot chocolate to the next level. You can choose whether you want a chocolate or steamer base, what kind of milk you’d like, and even whether you’d like any additional flavors like lavender, honey, vanilla, mocha, or sweet oak. You could even enjoy it iced, if that’s your preference!

Caffé Mona

You might know Caffé Mona La Bistro as that cafe with the rainbow umbrellas outside, but don’t sleep on their menu of American and French classics for breakfast, brunch, and lunch that are totally drool-worthy! Their Nutella hot chocolate is life-changing – sweet, nutty, and perfectly rich to accompany anything from a crisp salad or a packed sweet crepe!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Kaidia Pickels

Kaidia is a native Pittsburgher and a content writer for a local marketing agency. She loves to travel, try new dishes at local restaurants, and drop in to fitness class throughout the city. She's a die-hard Pens fan as well as an amateur baker and mixologist — sometimes combining both in one recipe!

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