Limoncello: sweet, sour, tangy, and delicious! This Italian liqueur is a classic, simple beverage made of just water, lemons, sugar, and spirits. However, whether you like to sip it over ice or mix it into a refreshing drink, limoncello is a flavor that reminds many of summer, and if you haven’t craved it yet this year, chances are you will soon!

Looking to get your hands on a high-quality bottle of lemony limoncello to enjoy as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer? You’re in luck! Several local distillers are making small batches of limoncello, and now is the time to stock up. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite places where you can find locally-made limoncello:

Wigle Whiskey

Wigle Whiskey’s limoncello takes artisanal distilling to the next level. For each batch, volunteers peel lemons by hand that are then steeped in Wigle’s scratch-made spirits and sugar for sweetness, resulting in their well-balanced and beautifully yellow liqueur. Sip on it after a satisfying meal or use it to craft cocktails that taste just like summer sunshine!

Kingfly Spirits

Kingfly Spirits sells a limoncello that’s award-winning — literally! It took home the 2019 SIP Awards International Spirits Competition honor in the Fruit/Berry Liqueur category, and it’s easy to understand why. Their multi-layered, full-bodied beverage is fruity, nutty, and complex, with a soft, smooth, and rich palette and a pastel yellow color.

McLaughlin Distillery

According to McLaughlin’s Distillery, the eponymous Mario didn’t make his first batch of creamy limoncello until he was 50 years old, but now it’s a local favorite enjoyed all year long, from the dog days of summer to the winter holidays. Made with whole milk, fresh lemons, and all-natural flavors, this spirit is best enjoyed cold (so store it in the freezer) and has the perfect balance of sweet and sour zing.

Bella Bambini

At Coraopolis-based distillery Bella Bambini, each batch of their limoncello (along with their signature orangecello and caffecello) is infused over a 30-day period to ensure maximum quality and flavor. Produced using locally-sold fruits, purified water, and pure grain spirits — and sugar, of course — this spirit is anything but shy and delicate. Bring on the ‘cello!

Lucky Sign Spirits

Lucky Sign Spirits offers a unique take on limoncello that stands out from the pack! Using the magic of chemistry (and tannins), their lemony spirit is rich, dry, and features a hint of basil without the sticky, syrupy flavors that less high-quality bottles sometimes offer. Store it in the fridge and enjoy chilled, straight up or with some cold seltzer or tonic water for a simple cocktail perfect for hot summer days.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Kaidia Pickels

Kaidia is a native Pittsburgher and a content writer for a local marketing agency. She loves to travel, try new dishes at local restaurants, and drop in to fitness class throughout the city. She's a die-hard Pens fan as well as an amateur baker and mixologist — sometimes combining both in one recipe!

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