By now you’ve probably heard all about Pittsburgh’s up-and-coming food scene. It’s the best in the nation, according to Zagat. Heck, at this point, you might even be tired of hearing about it. So we won’t continue to beat you over the head with the accolades.

But have you ever stop to wonder how this happened? How the Steel City became the nation’s best food city? Well, Justin Severino, the three-time Beard nominee for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic and chef/owner at Cure and Morcilla, just answered your question.

In Pittsburgh, it’s more camaraderie than competition…


In an interview with Munchies, a food-focused website from Vice Media, Justin Severino talked about his experiences in the restaurant industry. Told us how he landed back in Pittsburgh via California. And in doing so, he revealed the secret to Pittsburgh’s culinary success and resurgence in general.

In Pittsburgh, it’s more camaraderie than competition…We’re all, as restaurant owners and chefs, collectively getting together celebrating what we get to do, because there is no competition.

It’s like your contemporaries want you to succeed because, collectively, everyone wants the city to succeed. Which is surprising to people outside of Pittsburgh. Especially when they realize that camaraderie extends beyond the culinary scene. Well, put it on the list of misconceptions people have about this place. As Severino goes on to point out…

There are a lot of misconceptions about dining outside of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. People in Pittsburgh travel around the world. There was this really great moment when I proved to myself that people in Pittsburgh are educated about food and they do want something different—you just have to give it to them.

The entire interview is a great read. Check it out here.

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