We’ve noticed that some of our friends have very strong feelings in the guacamole versus queso debate. Some will always order guac, some favor queso, but we prefer to just order both! Especially with National Guacamole Day and National Queso Day both falling in September…it’s like we *have* to get both…right??


Get your guac on at these restaurants! They might not have queso, but we don’t mind.

guacamole and queso kaya
Image via: @kaya_pgh, Instagram

Kaya: We love their tropical twist on guacamole with mango and pineapple.

Tres Rios: Guacamole made especially for us? Swoon.

Guacamole and Queso

We love it when we can order guacamole and queso, because we hate picking a favorite. We love them both equally! Especially after a marg or two 😉

Bakersfield: We especially love it when we have more than one queso to pick from!

Tako: They’re about to reopen! And opening a second location in Bakery Square – we can’t wait.

Condado Tacos: Multiple guacamoles and quesos, plus half or full orders of each? All the better for sampling, thank you!

Round Corner Cantina: They had our number at Queso Fundido con Chorizo…and we’ll never turn down a classic guacamole.

El Burro: Keep your queso vegetarian with their vegan chorizo instead of regular chorizo. Or stick with the guac!

La Palapa: So, you can add bacon to your gaucamole (what?!). And we don’t know if everyone would call their jalapeño cheese dip “queso” but it’s a cheesy dip we can eat with tortilla chips, so we think it counts!

Las Velas Mexican Restaurant: Order El Trio, and we’ll meet you there.

Doce Taqueria: We love their tacos so much, sometimes we have a hard time making room for tacos and guac and queso…but we manage.

Tocayo: Their menu says “Ripe Avocados, Onions, Cilantro, Tomato, Chile Serrano, and Lime Juice” and “Mexican Cheese Fondue with Queso Oaxaca, Chorizo, Roasted Poblanos, and Salsa Roja” and oh, sorry, you’re drooling.

El Sabor Latin Kitchen on Penn: We love that we can get the cheese dip with or without chorizo…so we can switch it up depending on our mood!

Franklin Inn: Yes, they have guacamole and queso…but we’ve also seen homemade ice cream on their Instagram and we can get into that combo. Just not all together on one chip.

Emiliano’s: Anddddd we’ll meet you for the Dip Trio, thankyouverymuch.

Mad Mex: We bet you were scrolling through this list wondering why we hadn’t mentioned Mad Mex yet, weren’t you??

We know we’re missing some amazing guacamoles and quesos – so tell us where else we should go in the comments!

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Lauren loves all things Pittsburgh and all things food! When she's not checking out a new restaurant, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working on her photography, or out on a bike ride exploring the city.

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