Attention beer fans, this is your weekend! The annual Pittsburgh Beer Fest is back for another pour. A Lot of pours actually. Grab your glass for all the brews on February 26th and 27th at the David Lawrence Convention Center! 

The event originated in 2013, and it went over really well. Because people love a weekend of sampling the best beers around. Pittsburgh Beerfest is now one of the top 10 largest craft beer events in the nation. This year will feature plenty of what fans have come to expect–an unbelievable variety of brews!

You’ll be nice and warm inside the packed Convention Center. Thousands of people all having drinks makes for quite an interesting weekend experience. Besides, it’s winter and there’s really nothing else to do anyway. Upon your grand revival, you’ll receive unlimited samples! Unlimited! So yeah, there’s so many vendors that it doesn’t take long to get your favorite drink. Yes, there will be long lines to get inside the building, but once you get in, you’re all set. Everywhere you turn is a different station with beer. Hence the name, Beerfest. And Pittsburgh doesn’t mess around. This is indeed a Beerfest! 

Aside from the craft beer and fans, you’ll also get to feast on fantastic local food trucks and restaurants! Nothing hits the spot like a good food truck after consuming some drinks. It’s all right there for you! And the best part? It’s all for a good cause! All proceeds benefit Animal Rescue Partners Inc and Bigger Bullies of Pittsburgh. 

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This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Josh McCann

Josh has been writing for Made in PGH since 2018, where he writes about upcoming events. He’s a Point Park University graduate and teaches high school English. In his free time you’ll find him playing guitar and writing new songs.

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