With Easter being less than a month away, we are looking left and right for yummy sweets to fill up our baskets. Luckily for us, Sarris Candies has all of the essentials we need to make this Easter a tasty and unforgettable one. 

Hot Cocoa Bunny Bomb

sarris candies easter basket essentials bunny bomb
Image via: Sarris Candies

Coming off of the hot cocoa bomb craze of 2020, Sarris Candies has put a special Easter spin on the phenomenon. Made with delicious milk chocolate, each cocoa bomb shell is filled with sweetened cocoa powder and a colorful marshmallow bunny. The bomb is topped with dark chocolate swirls for that extra dash of sweetness! 

8 Oz. Chocolate Eggs

sarris candies easter basket essentials chocolate eggs
Image via: Sarris Candies

Sarris Candies are known for their delectable chocolate eggs filled with an assortment of flavors. Options include Creamy Peanut Butter, Cappuccino, Raspberry, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Fudge and much more! These 8 oz. treats melt in your mouth and are the perfect addition for your easter basket!

Jelly Beans

sarris candies easter basket essentials jelly beans
Image via: Sarris Candies

Fill your basket with Sarris’s new and improved jelly beans made with a brand new recipe that come in more vibrant confetti-colors, brighter flavors, and have a slightly firm texture. Including these little morsels of joy in your basket will definitely brighten up you and your family’s holiday! 

Chocolate Bunnies

sarris candies easter basket essentials chocolate bunny
Image via: Sarris Candies

We have reached the holy grail of all basket items, the chocolate bunny itself! Ranging from 6 to 24 o.z. These bunnies are made with dedicant semi-solid and solid milk chocolate and may take the efforts of the entire family to devour. 

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