Spring is just around the corner, and while Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring, Winter doesn’t seem quite ready to leave the city yet.  If you’re a dog owner, you are probably itching for the days you can take your pup with you to celebrate happy hour, the weekend, or maybe just a Tuesday afternoon (no judgment!). Don’t let the cold stop you from spending time with your dog while also enjoying some drinks.

Here are five places around the city that welcome you and your four-legged friend indoors. Along with some details, each place will also get a 1 to 3 puppy paws rating based on 3 factors – drink selection, food selection, and notable dog accommodations (water bowl, treats, dog menu, etc).

Ace Hotel

Dog Friendly Bars
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A retired century-old YMCA-turned-hotel located in the middle of East Liberty, this establishment welcomes dogs in their lobby bar. A fully stocked bar with an assortment of delicious, locally curated seasonal cocktails, wine, craft beers, and — if you’re hungry — a small selection of bar bites. They offer plenty of seating and open standing room for you and your furry pal. They even set out a large water bowl for their dog guests to share. Happy Hour is 4:30pm-6:30pm while the bar is open 11am-2am.

3 out of 3 puppy paws: Extra points for offering food and doggy bowls. While most indoor places that serve food do not allow dogs, Ace hotel does both.

Brew Gentlemen

Dog Friendly Bars
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Located in historical Braddock, Brew Gentlemen doesn’t disappoint with an attractive, elegant space and a draft list with plenty to choose. Not a beer fan? Their draft list also includes cider and cold brew options. Make sure to check their site before you go as they update their draft list in real time. What you’ll like most is how open the space is — your dog will not feel claustrophobic. Their hours vary from weekday to weekend and are open Wednesday – Sunday. Hours can be found on their website.

2 out of 3 puppy paws: They do not offer food, but partner with multiple food trucks, and they welcome outside food. While the decor is beautiful and spacious, there are no notable dog accommodations. As a brewery, they mainly offer beers. If you are not a beer drinker, your drink options are limited.

Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar – Lawrenceville

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Specializing in ciders, Arsenal’s Lawrenceville location is housed in the lower half of the neighborhood on 39th street. There is plenty of street parking in front, making it easy to get your pup to and from the car and the cidery. The inside space is dedicated to their tasting room and may feel a bit cramped for larger dogs. But their outdoor space, the cider garden, is covered and they provide portable heaters and a fire pit which is enough to keep you both warm. Employees and clientele were friendly and delighted to interact with any four-legged friend that came through the door. Employees even provided dog biscuit treats.  As for human treats, the tasting room offers a very small selection. For the garden, you may be lucky to visit on a day when there is a food truck, and if not, you can have outside food delivered.

2 out of 3 puppy paws: Awarding dog points for treats, and the ability to still order food. Their drink selection is limited to ciders and a guest brew. If you are not a fan ciders, your selection is limited.

Allegheny City Brewing

Dog Friendly Bar
Image via Allegheny City Brewing

Located north of the city in Deutschtown, Allegheny City Brewing offers up to 11 different drafts of their brews on tap. How do you know that they are dog-friendly? They state it outright on the site that they are animal lovers. Not only that, they have a dog wall featuring pictures of their dog customers. You can bring a picture of your dog when visiting to hang up. Like most of the other places, they do not serve food but offer snacks. Their site calendar also shows when they will have food trucks.

3 out of 3 puppy paws: While they don’t have a kitchen, it is nice for them to offer a calendar to reference when they do have food trucks. As with other breweries, drink options are limited to non-beer drinkers. Extra, extra points for how much they love animals and for their dedicated dog wall.

Before you and your pup venture out, remember to be courteous to other patrons and these establishments and be a good dog parent. If your furry friend doesn’t do well in crowded places, stay clear of happy hours when these places might be more crowded. Besides that, have fun, cheers and bow wow!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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