If you haven’t heard yet, there is a new food hall concept that has taken over in Shadyside’s Bakery Square City Kitchen!

What was previously Galley Bakery Square has been reinvented by the Shaka Restaurant Group. With restaurant concepts you know and love like Somi, and new favorites like Charred, your tastebuds will love what City Kitchen is cooking up!

Shaka Restaurant Group

After opening several kitchen concepts in existing food halls around the city, Summer Le and her partner, Nick Yakubisin, recently formed the Shaka Restaurant Group. They then opened City Kitchen and have already gotten to work on new restaurant concepts. Summer Le, owner, said the following about their opening last month:

“Launching City Kitchen is a big change. It’s both fast and surprising. My mom taught me the value of hard work, and we’re doing a lot of that. We offer more than just food; we offer an experience, a feeling, a memory.

Our staff is among the best in Pittsburgh. Building this team was challenging, but we succeeded. At City Kitchen, you’re not just eating, you’re living a story — a tale of quality food, culture, and the power of hard work to make dreams come true.

This place serves as a nest for all of us to grow. We hope that people come and become a part of our story.”

Visit New + Existing Concepts at City Kitchen

Become a part of their story by visiting Shaka Restaurant Group’s amazing concepts around Pittsburgh. Check them out!


One new concept on the way is Charred, a gourmet burger joint. Opening on September 19th, Charred aims to become your new go-to spot for gourmet burgers.

With the success of the burgers on the menu at another City Kitchen concept, Elevate, Summer Le saw the demand for unique gourmet burgers and her team researched the approach for Charred. With the deliciousness of Elevate’s burger menu items, there is surely a lot of anticipation for Charred to take it to the next level.


Another concept new to City Kitchen, but not new to Pittsburgh, joined the Bakery Square location on September 12th the beloved Shaka.

The first of Le’s concept kitchens to open in Pittsburgh, Shaka has become a must-try destination for foodies over the last few years. Transitioning from its original home at Federal Galley in the North Side, this concept kitchen brings authentic Hawaiian flavors to the Burgh.

You truly can’t go wrong with anything on their menu, whether it’s a limited-time special or a menu staple. House-smoked Kahlua pork, hula chicken, and an expansive poke selection are some of the classics you’ll find at Shaka.

The flavors and ingredients used in dishes at Shaka and other City Kitchen concepts come inspired by Summer Le’s personal experiences. While visiting Hawaii, Le was inspired by “sampling local food trucks to dining at Iron Chef Morimoto’s iconic Honolulu location.”

“Each taste deepened our appreciation, and we’re elated to bring that authentic experience to Pittsburgh,” Lee said.


Somi also has flavors inspired by Le’s experiences with traditional Asian recipes.

By taking well-known Asian recipes and adding their own modern take, Somi offers a contemporary culinary experience while also creating a window into Asian culture. Our personal favorite is their General Tso’s chicken the flavors are incredible!


Other concepts include Banhmilicious, a Vietnamese fusion concept.

By using a number of local ingredients and the essence of Vietnamese culinary heritage, Banhmilicious offers a fun combination of flavors, textures, and vibrant colors. This concept offers pho, rice bowls, and of course, banh mi.

Al | Dente

The last concept is Al | Dente, City Kitchen’s Italian pasta bar. This restaurant concept offers pasta along with antipasti and primi piattie.

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Le’s passion goes far beyond that of the culinary arts. She truly wants to help others build and achieve the future they have set for themselves.

She said, “Our goal is betterment of people’s lives. Period. My biggest achievement is being able to create the team that we have now with Nick. I confidently say we have the most talented food industry staff in Pittsburgh.”

It is clear from the incredible concept kitchens, strong innovative leadership, talented staff, and welcoming environment that City Kitchen is a must-visit for anyone in Pittsburgh.

Keep up to date with the menus and new rotating concepts by following City Kitchen on Instagram. Trust us when we say City Kitchen will have you coming back to try all of their different cuisines!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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