First question…do you spell it “slushies” or “slushees”? Both spellings are already starting to look weird, so we’ll go with “slushies”, drink a few, and see if it still looks weird, mmkay? We don’t know about you, but sometimes we just want a frozen cocktail instead of on-the-rocks. Which is why we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite spots for boozy slushies. You can even get them to go…assuming you live close enough to make it home before it melts!

The Abbey on Butler Street

pittsburgh boozy slushies abbey on butler
Image via: @abbeyonbutler, Instagram

Ok, so it’s technically boozy soft serve, but we are absolutely drooling over the thought of it! Call it dessert, brunch dessert, or a snack…we don’t care. All we need to know is when we’re meeting at Abbey on Butler for one.

Allegheny Wine Mixer

pittsburgh boozy slushies allegheny wine mixer
Image via: @alleghenywinemixer, Instagram

Um, hello, Frozen Giggle Water. And, yes, the Frozen Hurricane also sounds good, but “frozen giggle water” is so much fun to say. Allegheny Wine Mixer is only open for take-out, but they still have some amazing menu options to go with your slushie. And don’t forget to check what’s in the weekly care package!

Bird on the Run

pittsburgh boozy slushies bird on the run
Image via: @birdontherunpgh, Instagram

Bird on the Run changes their frozen cocktail selection daily, so you know we’ll be checking on it a lot! So far they’ve had classics like strawberry daiquiris, mixed berry cocktails, and margaritas…and we’ll take one of any of them, thank you!

Breakneck Tavern

pittsburgh boozy slushies breakneck tavern
Image via: @breaknecktavern, Instagram

If you’re willing to travel a bit north of the city, check out Breakneck Tavern. Their menu sounds delicious, but – let’s be real – we’re all about the slushies right now. And with options like frozen spiked blueberry lemonade…well, we think it’s worth the drive!

Engine House 25 Wines

pittsburgh boozy slushies engine house 25 wines
Image via: @enginehouse25wines, Instagram

Wine slushies? Yes, please! Engine House 25 might have limited hours, but you can make an event of it by picking up Lola’s, too. Keep an eye on their social media to find out when you can get your slushie fix.

Mazzotta Winery

pittsburgh boozy slushies mazzotta winery
Image via: @mazzottawinery, Instagram

More wine slushies! Because one option is never enough. Mazzotta Winery is currently selling Mango wine slushies, and they’ll be adding other flavors to the rotation soon. They recently added a patio, so you can enjoy one there or to go!

Narcisi Winery

pittsburgh boozy slushies narcisi winery
Image via: @narcisiwinery, Instagram

And, why not make an afternoon of wine slushies? After you go to Mazzotta Winery, head to Narcisi for another wine slushie! They’re also selling fruit wine slushies, like peach and black raspberry…perfect for the summer weather.


pittsburgh boozy slushies shubrew
Image via: @shubrew, Instagram

Another spot outside the city…but beer slushies at Shubrew are worth driving for! Don’t forget to try Brewers Gonna Work It Out while you’re there – it’s their collaboration with Four City for FreshFest – which is coming up August 8th.

Did we miss your favorite boozy slushie? Tell us where else we should go!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Lauren Roberts

Lauren loves all things Pittsburgh and all things food! When she's not checking out a new restaurant, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working on her photography, or out on a bike ride exploring the city.

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