Move over, ICEE and Slush Puppy! The 90’s kids are all grown up and are ready to slurp and have brain freezes responsibly. Slushy, slushie or slushee, these frozen drinks are making a cool comeback of chilled out flavors that add to the cocktail game around Pittsburgh. Layering flavors and mixing things up, these frozen cocktails will be sure to beat the heat and quench those thirsts. Here are six places that are offering juicy and luscious, alcoholic slushies:

Kingfly Spirits 

Image via Kingfly Spirits, Instagram

Kingfly Spirits ain’t nothing but a squeeze for their slushie sensations. Back by popular demand, the craft distillery uses its signature Kingfly Limoncello and offers its Limoncello Slushies just in time for summer and sunshine. As an added bonus, add a Parfait Amour or bourbon floater OR twist it up as a mixed cherry lemonade slushie. Grab them to go or slurp in house, and enjoy this refreshing, frozen take on a slushie.  

Beer on Butler

Image via Beer on Butler, Facebook

Known for its huge selection of cold beer, Beer on Butler in Lawrenceville also offers a mix of malt liquor slushies that have included flavors like tangerine dream and island breeze. The beer distributor rotates flavors occasionally, being mindful of about three to four times a week to really mix things up. Plus, the store offers small, medium, and large slushies with prices ranging $4 to $5. Beat the heat while saving some cash in your wallet! 

Narcisi Winery

Image via Narcisi Winery, Instagram

Fruity and flavorful, Narcisi Winery brings back its signature take on frozen wine slushies for the vineyard enthusiasts. The winery offers two types of flavors that include peach and black raspberry. Sit back and cool down with these fan favorites and attend the winery’s music events happening throughout the entire summer.

Bird on the Run 

Image via Bird on the Run, Instagram

Try some frozen cocktails from Bird on the Run that will pack flavor and pair nicely with its deliciously addictive menu that offers its chicken sandwich, Lil Chunky’s Chicken Deluxe, strips, nuggets, combos, and more. There is no need for a brain freeze here, order online for easy, breezy good-weather comfort food with 16 and 32 oz frozen cocktails to go. With rotating slushie flavors daily, the shop has had green apple, lemonade, cherry, and margarita before. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to feast your eyes on the pairing possibilities. 

Rumerz Sportz Bar and Grill

Image via Rumerz Sportz Bar & Grill, Facebook

Watch all of your Steel City sports games at Rumerz Sportz Bar & Grill, and slurp away with the restaurant’s game day slushies. Pregame before heading to Heinz Field or chill out on the patio and sip and pick flavors from watermelon, strawberry, banana, blue raspberry to cherry (AND every once in a while, orange and pineapple!). Did we mention Rumerz Sportz Bar & Grill even has a signature Banana Split Slushy? They’ve got options and have a winning restaurant menu to show off with their vibrant, frozen delights. 

Brew-Thru Beer Co. 

Image via Brew-Thru Beer Co., Facebook 

Located in the McKees Rocks, Brew-Thru Beer Co. is the reigning champ of all slushie flavors. The drive-thru and walk-in beverage warehouse offers its choices of Black Cherry, Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, Jamaican Me Happy, Strawberry Daiquiri, Red White and Blue Raspberry, Pineapple Mandarin, and Lemonade. It also rotates some flavors in and out throughout the year so be sure to drive by and pick your good time poison! 

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Colin Parrish

Colin is a Pittsburgh born and raised, daydreamer, restaurant foodie addict whose passions include running, thrifting, camping, and having a healthy amount of coffee or Malbec (depending on the time of day) . As a typical jagoff, you can catch him shopping in the Strip, running in Highland Park, or finding the best hiking views just outside of the city. He is a content manager for YaJagoff Media LLC and currently lives in Etna, PA.

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  1. Arsenal Cider regularly offers different flavors of alcoholic sorbet in the summer, they absolutely deserve a mention. Insanely good.

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