This Sunday, August 9th, marks the grand opening of Black Forge Coffee in Allentown.

Okay, two things there. First being the fact that you love coffee. No doubt about it. But second, and here’s the catch. Where exactly is Allentown?

Come on! It’s minutes from the South Side, just up the hill in fact. It’s tucked between Mt. Washington and Mt. Oliver. And, at the moment, this community is working it’s butt off to do some redevelopment. The grand opening of Black Forge Coffee is one heck of a good sign.

With a focus on high quality coffee, fresh food and entertaining events, Black Forge plans to create a comfortable place for the community and their customers. Serving coffee from Zeke’s, baked goods from ThreeFifty and tea from Gryphon’s, it’s clear that they’re all about being local.

Stop in this Sunday, August 9, for all of the grand opening festivities, including free beer, music, art and the live podcast taping.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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