Big Shot Bob’s is your destination for mouth watering wings, amazing sandwiches, and awesome hoagies! Home of the Best Wings in PA two years in a row, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy. You can order BSB’s through the ChowNow app. Yes, you don’t have to leave the house! Here are 5 things to know about Big Shot Bob’s! 

Sandwiches–The hidden gems of BSB’s!

Image via: Big Shot Bob’s, Uniontown

You have to experience the sandwiches—they steal the show! People talk about the wings, and rightfully so, but the sandwiches are the hidden gems of BSB’s. One of the awesome burgers is the Big Aristotle. It’s nicknamed ‘The Big A’ for a reason. If you’re a fan of huge burgers and grilled cheese, this one’s for you. Get ready for a juicy half pound bacon cheeseburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes that’s right. Grilled cheese! It’s as great as it sounds! 

A Variety of Hoagies!

Image via: Big Shot Bob’s, Gibsonia

How about some hoagies?! Another great option is the Heart Attack Hoagie. It’s delish! This soon to be classic sandwich has deep fried cappicola, salami, pepperoni, ham, bacon, topped with American cheese and mayo. And for fans of chicken fingers (who isn’t?!) check out The Soldier, which is packed with chicken fingers, bacon, gyro meat and provolone cheese, smothered in golden BBQ sauce. Chicken fingers and bacon is a beautiful combination. So good! .   

ChowNow App 

Image via: Big Shot Bob’s, Gibsonia

BSB’s delivered to you!  All you have to do is go to the ChowNow app. This allows you to order anything off the menu, with the option of delivery or pickup. You’ll be feasting on wings in no time. You can use the Chow Now app for 22 locations. The convenience is clutch! 

New Gibsonia Location!

Image via: Big Shot Bob’s, Gibsonia

There’s a new BSB’s in town! The Gibsonia location recently opened. They have a really cool thing going with their ‘flavor of the week’, which is posted on their facebook page. Some of the fantastic ‘flavors of the week’ include Fool’s Gold (BBQ, franks, black magic), and Lucky Lemons (BSB Signature Hot, Ranch, Lemon Pepper). Stop by and check it out! You can also order pickup or delivery through the Chow Now app! 

All the Wings

Image via: Big Shot Bob’s, Gibsonia

If you talk about BSB’s, you have to talk about the wings! To say that they have a variety of wings is an understatement. With over 65 signature flavors and 48 classic flavors, there’s something for everyone. From hot to mild, dry to saucy. There’s also local themed wings like Black and Gold, Three Rivers, and many more!

With over 40 PA locations, it’s easy to find a BSB’s around you. Check out the list and enjoy! 

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