We might have crossed a huge hurdle in the fight for equality when Joe Biden became President Elect, but there is still a lot of work to do. Which is why we’re so excited to tell you all about Bakers for Change.

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Image via @bakersforchange, Instagram | Cake created by @kait_bakes, Instagram

It all started when Kait posted on Instagram about rage baking to help deal with her anger and frustration about the election and political climate. Jessica, Camille, Sophia, and Sarah all reached out in response. They knew they wanted to use baking to enact change, so they identified some organizations to donate to and started working on fundraisers…and Bakers for Change was born.

There are three ways to get involved with Bakers for Change: buy their cute merch, attend a virtual class, and participate in a virtual bake sale. We are seriously looking forward to their upcoming classes, especially with the current stay-at-home advisory. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by creating decorative mini pies (11/22), learning how to decorate sugar cookies (12/5), or *finally* making your own croissants (12/12-13)! All classes are pay-what-you-can, with a $5 suggested donation going to Fight Fair Action.

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Image via @bakersforchange, Instagram | Pie created by @jascunmulaj, Instagram

The next bake sale is officially on December 3, but you can also use a date that works better for you! Here’s how it works: you can bake a single item to raffle or auction off to your Instagram followers, or you can bake a number of items and sell them until you run out. Or if you have some other way you’d like to participate, go for it! They leave it up to the individual bakers to do whatever works best for them. The winners of your items can donate directly to Fight Fair Action, or they can send the money to Bakers for Change to send in a single bulk donation.

Not a baker? You can still participate! You can always post to Instagram (and tag Bakers for Change!) to spread awareness about the bake sale and Fight Fair Action. Or you can bid on items and enjoy someone else’s baking. You’re also welcome to just donate to Fight Fair Action…and let Bakers for Change know you did thanks to them.

bakers for change cake
Image via @bakersforchange, Instagram | Cake created by @unpeeledjournal, Instagram

It’s not just Pittsburgh getting involved in these bake sales. Bakers for Change has had participation in Washington state, Oregon, California, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, and Ohio. They’ve also had a lot of interest from bakers in Canada and the UK, so they’re hoping to expand their reach in the near future.

Thanks to their previous fundraisers, Bakers for Change has already donated $700 to Flip the Senate, $1800 to Fight Fair Action, and a hugely impressive $6000 to the ACLU. And they’re not done yet! They’re going to continue fundraising even though the election is over because, let’s face it, there’s a lot of improvement we can do for our country.

The 2021 schedule isn’t set in stone because they want to pay attention to what’s happening in the world and focus their attention where it’s needed. Climate change, women’s reproductive rights, prison abolition, Black Lives Matter, trans* rights, homelessness, mental health, and more are all on the list. They’re planning on hosting bake sales every other month and will continue to offer virtual classes.

bakers for change merch
Image via @bakersforchange, Instagram

Don’t forget to check out their merchandise! We can personally confirm that this shirt is soft and comfy, perfect for lounging at home or bringing awareness to the cause while you’re out running holiday errands. Their stuff also makes a great gift for that person who already has everything and is hard to buy for đŸ˜‰

Bakers for Change is so appreciative for the overwhelming support they’ve found in the Pittsburgh community, and they’re happy to collaborate in a multitude of ways! Make sure you’re following them on Instagram so you don’t miss out on any of their upcoming events.

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