It’s time to kick your go-to warm-weather drink and try something new. The following three drinks scream summer—because your taste buds deserve something sunny and delightful too.

Lemon Saber at Bantha Tea Bar

Image via @banthateabar, Instagram

Okay, hear me. At first, coffee and lemonade sound like a weird mix. But Bantha Tea Bar‘s Lemon Saber is worth trying; the sweetness of the lemonade counteracts the bitterness of the coffee. The result is a perfectly balanced summer pick-me-up drink.

Shadyside Sunrise at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Image via @addacoffeehouse, Instagram

Now that you’ve wrapped your brain around coffee and lemonade, here’s another cool drink in that same realm: Adda Coffee & Tea House‘s Shadyside Sunrise. It’s fresh pineapple juice with double espresso poured on top.

Cascara Iced Tea at De Fer Coffee & Tea

Image via @defercoffeeandtea, Instagram

Have you ever heard of cascara? It is the dried fruit from the coffee cherry. In De Fer Coffee & Tea’s Cascara Iced Tea, they use cascara from Gesha cherries grown by their own roaster in-lawns in Guatemala.

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Jordan Snowden

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