Here’s a fact for you: Pittsburghers loves Pittsburgh. If you’re from here or have ever lived here, you have an affinity for this place. One that your friends from other cities just can’t seem to wrap their heads around. But now you can use this list to explain to them that there’s more to Pittsburgh than steel and sports.

We HAD all the steel mills

old pittsburgh
image via detroit photographic co

We don’t HAVE the steel mills. These days we’re a hub for technology, startups and education.

You can breathe the air

clean pittsburgh
And the city is not covered in soot. We’re actually very green. Phipps Conservatory boasts one of the greenest buildings in the world and PNC boasts the greenest skyscraper.

Yes, we have three rivers


It’s where we go kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. Yes, in Pittsburgh.

No we don’t know your friend from Philly

Pittsburgh and Philly are five hours apart, on opposite sides of the state.

Besides, why would we want to

philly sucks
Philly sucks, and so does Cleveland, Dallas, Cincinnati and Baltimore.

Sorry, we’re not sorry…

We take our sports rivalries seriously. We love the Steelers and the Penguins, and we go to PNC Park for the panoramic view, pierogi races and the occasional winning streak (followed by an inevitable slump).

Oh, and this is a Terrible Towel

It began as a rally towel reserved for Steeler games. Now it’s a fashion accessory for Yinzers everywhere.

Yes we have our own language

pittsburgh dad
It’s called Pittsburghese and its spoken by yinzers… Ok so A Yinzer is a quintessential Pittsburgher, who owns nothing but  Stillers gear and says things like – jagoff, Dahn-tahn and Mt. Worsh-in-tin. Check out Pittsburgh Dad, to see what we mean.

Sports aren’t the only show in town

image via @moderncreative_

Arts and culture thrive at places like the Warhol, Mattress Factory and Carnegie Museums. See also: The Pittsburgh cultural trust, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

The tunnels, bridges and exit ramps…

Make getting to any one these places nearly impossible for newcomers.

But if you get lost, stop and ask for help

The locals are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

While you’re at it, get directions to the Strip District

This former manufacturing center is now home to specialty eats, street vendors and swanky lofts.

Yes, you can get fries on a sandwich

primanti brothers sandwhich
It’s called Primanti Brothers, a rite of passage for any first time visitor to the ‘Burgh.

And we do Brunch, BIG

image via Pamela’s Diner

Take your pick from Pamela’s, Deluca’s, Coca Cafe or Meat and Potatoes.

And pierogis

Around these parts, those heavenly dumplings are a food group unto themselves.

Don’t let Primanti’s, Pamela’s and perogies fool you

image via Umami Pgh

Our food scene is on the rise thanks to some of the best restaurants in the country, like Cure, Morcilla, Whitefield, and Umami. If you don’t believe us just listen to Andrew Zimmern: “I hate to be one of those people who’s like ‘Pittsburgh is the next big thing,’ but I get around more than most people and I’m telling you, Pittsburgh is like the next big thing.”

Of course no visit to Pittsburgh is complete without

pittsburgh mt washington run
A trip to Mt. Washington, a ride on the incline and a walk along Grandview Ave.

If you find yourself thinking about coming to Pittsburgh

We’d be happy to have you, neighbor.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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