Is there a wrong way to eat an egg?

Think about it. You can answer honestly. Yeah, we couldn’t come up with anything either. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as a dish’s main attraction or as a fried-egg added bonus, you can’t go wrong with a little (or a lot) of egg action. If you agree, then you’ll want to get to these 11 places in Pittsburgh whipping up dishes that are guaranteed to raise your eggspectations.

Shakshuka at Coco Café


Eggs that are lovingly nestled in a bright Middle Eastern-spiced tomato sauce with little nuggets of feta.

Il Bastardo at Thin Man Sandwich Shop

Il Bastardo

Mortadella may be what Italian school children eat for an afternoon snack, but this sando & its runny fried egg are grown up, serious business.

Bibimbap at Korea Garden


Bibimbap is a Korean rice-based dish that has A LOT going on. But just when you think there’s maybe too much going on, you realize there’s a glorious sunny side up egg to tie it all together.

Burger at Kaya

burger kaya

When that egg yolk breaks and spreads over the patty in the most luscious way, you realize that you’ll never look at condiments that same way ever again. Ketchup: Out. Egg Yolk: In.

Eggs in a Basket at Stagioni


Fried egg cooked right in the middle of a piece of toast, and generously topped with arugula, prosciutto, & parmesan cheese.

Dry Aged Tartare at Butcher and the Rye

dry aged beef tartare

This dish is not for the faint-hearted, starting with a front & center egg yolk that’s been treated with a touch of truffle oil.

Breakfast Burrito at Reyna Foods’ sidewalk stand


Choose your protein (ahem chorizo) and watch as they stuff a fresh tortilla to the brim with beans, rice, and some fluffy scrambled eggs.

Omelet at E2

omelet e2

Offerings vary, but you can count on the final plate to be seasonal and fresh no matter the season.

Scotch Deviled Egg at The Commoner

scotch eggs

Like a deviled egg present where the sausage/wrapping paper is a gift in itself.

Egg Tart at Pink Box Bakery

pink box bakery

Dessert lovers: this buttery & egg-y custard filled tart is for you.

Vegetarienne Quiche at La Gourmandine

quiche la gourmandine

What’s better than a French lover? French quiche, and this one (tart goat cheese with spinach in a perfectly wobbly egg filling) will straight up seduce you.

Brunch Style Poutine at Park Brugge


The answer to your hangover prayers: fries dressed up with caramelized onion brisket gravy, white cheddar cheese curds, and sunny side up eggs to top it all off. Amen.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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