Learn how you can join the Garden in carbon reduction efforts anyone can do!

This post is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

These days, we’re all looking for ways we can adopt a more sustainable way of living, from the products we buy to the ways we maintain our homes. Do you wish you knew more ways you as an individual could help keep our planet habitable and happy? The #MyCarbonCyclePledge from Pittsburgh Botanic Garden can help!

Every month, the Garden will be posting an action on their social media that will help mitigate climate change – something that individuals like us can do that will really add up! You can search the hashtag #MyCarbonCyclePledge to find all the Garden’s tips and share how you’re contributing to the movement.

Last month, just before Earth Day, the Garden posted its first #MyCarbonCyclePledge: planting native trees! Whether you plant one in your own backyard or join a group effort at a local park or other community space, planting native trees is one of the best ways to support your local ecosystem and help reduce carbon in our environment.

Back in October 2021, the Garden first welcomed visitors to an exhibit called “Carbon Cycle: An Earth Exhibit” by artist W. Gary Smith. This large exhibit explores the role of coal in human culture, its past as a mined resource, and its future as a potential art material – just one of many types of organic art materials that can be found onsite at the Garden.

“Carbon Cycle: An Earth Exhibit”

By contrasting wooden logs and coal with new native trees, the exhibit “invites each visitor to explore the story of the Garden and create their own personal story through the exhibit.”

The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden was born of a piece of damaged, degraded land that has been lovingly restored and beautified by planting thousands of native trees, restoring water pathways, and educating Pittsburghers of all ages about native plants and ways to love our planet and its natural life.

You probably know that trees can play a major role in reducing the carbon in our atmosphere, so by leading the way with reforesting, afforesting (which means turning non-forest land into forests), and encouraging the natural growth of existing forests, we can make a huge difference. Best of all, this process can start in spaces in our own neighborhoods, because planting trees is something that nearly everyone can do!

So, in addition to joining the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in the #MyCarbonCyclePledge and following along with their recommended climate actions, the Garden wants to see what creative steps you’re taking to live more sustainably.

It’s simple: just take a picture of how you’re taking on this month’s action and share it on social media with the hashtag #MyCarbonCyclePledge – and don’t forget to tag @pghbotanicgarden! You never know how many people you might inspire with your posts, so join the Garden in their pledge and start sharing your sustainable journey!

Grab a pair of gloves and get involved with supporting your local ecosystem with the #MyCarbonCyclePledge!

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