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New year, new you? Many of us like to kick off a new year with resolutions to change a behavior – some of us want to be more active or take more time for self-care, while others want to eat more nutritiously or learn a new skill. However, some of the most popular goals for New Year’s resolutions are to exercise more or lose some weight, and these are some of the hardest goals to accomplish (much less stick with). 

No need to worry – this year, Crunch Fitness can help you take on your goals at the beginning of the year and create healthy habits that will let you stick with your new lifestyle all throughout 2023!

It’s never been easier to start a new fitness routine (or return to an old one) than now with Crunch Fitness. With a recently-opened location conveniently located on McKnight Road, you can become a member this January and enjoy no monthly dues until February with $9.99, no commitment memberships that are affordable and accessible.

New to the gym-going lifestyle? Every weekend in January, Crunch is hosting four open houses so that you can tour the space and talk to a knowledgeable staff member about your goals and any questions you have about equipment.

Best of all, Crunch gyms have a little something for everyone! Get your heart rate up with top-quality cardio equipment, build strength from the inside out with strength training equipment, or try a little bit of everything in Crunch’s circuit and functional training areas that feature turf floored areas for the athletes-at-heart.

You can also hop on a bike in Crunch’s dedicated ride studio and spin away your worries, or relieve some stress with boxing! Kids are also welcome to partake in Kids Crunch programming to help build strong, growing bodies.

To top it off, show yourself some self-care with HydroMassage® beds and high-end tanning services to help you feel and look your best.

Of course, you don’t have to do it all on your own. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to make your New Year’s goals a reality, Crunch’s experienced personal trainers can work with you to develop a fitness routine that meets your needs, backed by real expertise.

And if you’re wondering how you can fit a wellness routine into your busy schedule, know that Crunch is open 24 hours a day – perfect for busy parents, students with late nights, early morning hustlers, and more. Crunch is also increasing their staffing and implementing rigorous cleaning routines to make sure that their space is always clean and welcoming, even at peak hours.

To help you create a lifestyle that you can stick with for the long haul, Crunch gave us some of their best tips to share with you about how to keep up your positive changes:

  1. Get a gym buddy!

When you work out with a friend, loved one, or even a coworker, you create accountability that’s not only beneficial but can also be fun (and generate some friendly competition)!

  1. Be incremental

It’s helpful to take things one step at a time. Try adding some positive “micro-habits” that can fit into larger routines, like adding on a few minutes of cardio at a time or a few reps at a time during strength training. The key is small, achievable goals!

  1. Write it down

Keeping a journal can be hugely helpful in achieving new wellness goals. Simply listing out your ambitions helps make them real and creates accountability, so try keeping a record of your workouts and your progress to ensure you stay the course!

  1. Ask for guidance

Getting some insight from personal trainers can be really valuable, especially for first-time gym users. Crunch’s certified trainers can create programs unique to you and your goals that will focus on what you hope to accomplish and where you want to grow.

Ready to get started? Visit for more information on hours and memberships or to get a free 7-day VIP pass to take on your New Year’s goals!

Take on the new year with a strong mind and a strong body, powered by Crunch Fitness!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Kaidia Pickels

Kaidia is a native Pittsburgher and a content writer for a local marketing agency. She loves to travel, try new dishes at local restaurants, and drop in to fitness class throughout the city. She's a die-hard Pens fan as well as an amateur baker and mixologist — sometimes combining both in one recipe!

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