SouthSide Works Out is back for the summer! Join us on the first and last Sunday of every month from June through August for a free fitness class or two.

If you’re not familiar with this series, it is a fitness event in the SouthSide Works Town Square. Each date is filled with TWO options for free fitness classes put on by local gyms and instructors, smiling faces and pumped-up tunes.

What’s the line up?

(Click on a date to jump to sign up!) 👇

It’s not just about the workouts (although they’re pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves). It’s about connecting with your neighbors, making new friends, and soaking up those feel-good vibes. So whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a total newbie, there’s a spot for you in our crew.

What’s new this year?

  • Time: We’re giving you an extra hour to sleep in! Classes start at 10am and 11am this year. A lot of the places in SouthSide Works open at 12pm, so it’s perfect timing to make a day out of it!
  • Juice Collaboration: Every participant will get a small serving of our very own juice flavor we partnered with 1:11 Juice to create.
  • More Juice: Set yourself up for success for the week. 1:11 Juice will be selling some of their best flavors juice. So grab a 6-pack!
  • More Fun Freebies: Made in PGH will have some swag items like our crowd-favorite chapstick and also some new shades and totes. (We’ll have a limited amount each class. Availability will vary.)

So what are you waiting for? Grab your water bottle, round up your squad, and get ready to sweat, smile, and strut your stuff at SouthSide Works Out. Let’s make memories, make friends, and make the most of this beautiful city we call home — because when we work out together, we’re unstoppable! 🌟💪

Where do I sign up?

Click the link for the date you want to sign up for and select the class on our Eventbrite page.

You’re not limited to attending one per week either! Sign up for all 12 if you’d like. We’d love to have you!

June 2nd

10am | F45 Training Pittsburgh (Instructor: Jordan Rose)

F45 Training Full Body Hybrid Workout: Get ready to work the full body through functional training. We’ll break up the class by intervals and stations, which will consist of strength, cardio, and core — the ultimate F45 Training sampler.

Instructor notes: Bring a mat, sweat towel, and water!

11am | Rebel Wellness (Instructor: Natalie Gentile)

Rebel Fusion is a creative blend of yoga-inspired flows, short cardio bursts, balance sequences, and weighted strength training exercises all set to music. It offers modifications for all levels. This format trains strength, balance, and flexibility. Also, it can help improve overall fitness levels.

Instructor notes: Just bring your fitness mat and some hydration!

June 30th

10am | Ekstasis Movement Studio (Instructor: Dorian Robertson)

Enhance your body’s ability to move and your fitness level with this 45-minute Bodyweight HIIT + Mobility session. Experience a dynamic blend of high-intensity interval training to torch calories and build strength. Coupled with short mobility and flow sequences, you’ll enhance your flexibility and restore your balance and coordination. Get ready to sweat, move, and feel rejuvenated in just one session!

Instructor Note: Bring a yoga mat and water AND energy!

11am | Ales & Asanas Yoga (Instructor: Alyssa Gruber)

Active vinyasa flow classes with options for all levels: It’s not about being able to touch your toes. It’s what you learn about yourself and who you meet along the way. We hope you feel stronger, relaxed, and a little HOPPIER after class.

Instructor notes: Just bring your fitness mat and some hydration!

July 7th

10am | AMP Fitness (Instructor: Cat Cantella)

HIIT and strength focused training

Instructor notes: Just bring a sweat towel and some hydration!

11am | KARMA Fitness Studio (Instructor: Emily Lloyd)

Join us for a preview of our “Catch These Hands” class, designed to work on endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. This class has bodyweight and cardio based training with boxing fundamentals. Because why not be your most bada** self while getting your sweat on? KARMA is a new studio located in Bethel Park specializing in cardio boxing and strength / conditioning training.

Instructor notes: Just bring a sweat towel and some hydration!

July 28th

10am | Bounce with Linda (Instructor: Linda Maus)

Linda teaches a cardio dance fusion of hip hop, pop, and latin music, affectionately known as YindaBounce, that is designed to keep you smiling while you’re sweating! With over 15 years in the fitness industry, her style of teaching has evolved to include whatever music hits just right, strength and floor moves, and an overall “love first” mindset. Fitness should never be viewed as a punishment, but instead as a way to love, honor, and respect yourself and others as you move your body in a way that brings you joy. Everyone is welcome to join in the Bouncy goodness. Just remember to listen to your body, modify moves and intensity, and most importantly, have fun!

Instructor notes: Just bring a sweat towel and some hydration!

11am | MindFuel Method (Instructor: Hanna Schlegel)

Electric & Mellow: A yoga, breathwork, and meditation fusion paired with a post-class mobile sauna experience.

Instructor notes: Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle. Come hydrated in preparation for the sauna! (Yes, you read that right. A sauna on the go!)

August 4th

10am | Salt Power Yoga

Workout details TBD

11am | SweatNET Pittsburgh (Instructor: Devon Anderson)

60 Min DropSound Yoga Class: What is DropSound? SweatNET’s signature noise canceling DropSound headphones allow event goers to eliminate external distractions and become fully immersed in their experience.

Instructor notes: Just bring your fitness mat and some hydration!

August 25th

10am | 305 Fitness (Instructor: Megan Donnarumma)

305 Fitness is a 45-minute non-stop cardio dance party! We will start with a warm up, get into some dance moves, get that heart rate back up with a sprint, and finish with a hip hop section!

Instructor notes: Neon is a great addition to 305 Fitness! No equipment needed, just sneakers and a water bottle!

11am | Yoga Factory (Instructor: Sydney Lowell)

Relax and unwind with Restorative Yoga! This is a slower paced style of yoga, focusing on longer holds of each posture. This method allows time for the body to release and open, perfect for recovery! The series consists of mainly floor postures and is open to all levels of practitioners.

Instructor notes: Just bring your fitness mat and some hydration!

See you there! ☀️

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