Shh! Don’t tell anyone. But on Sunday March 17 get to the Ace Hotel for the “Bag It Up!” artist’s seconds sale – an event where local makers look to off-load some of their off-beat, quirky, all-around “I want that!” styles at a you-can’t-beat price.

Facebook, @alternatehistories

For only $20 you get one bag to fill with all the swag you can snag. These “artist’s seconds” are t-shirts, greeting cards, artwork, coffee mugs, maker materials, used pieces, and other snag-’em-up items that these local makers are looking to clear out in order to make room for their new products.

These makers will be there:



Alternate Histories

everyday balloons print shop

Sapling Press

Worker Bird

Knotzland Bowties


It’s almost hard to believe that this event exists — so get there early to score the best picks! Oh, and as if this couldn’t get any better, feel free to bring your pup because this is also a dog-friendly event!

When: Sunday, March 17 11am-3pm

Where: Ace Hotel gym

Cost: $20 – payable at the door

Facebook, @alternatehistories
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