Rib Fest is the real deal! They don’t mess around.

Josh McCann-Heinz Field Rib Festival-Armadillo's Ribs

Get in line and grab some barbeque! Trust us. You won’t regret it. Fans did exactly that, as the outside of Heinz Field was turned into a rib lovers paradise, which was filled with lines of people waiting to try award winning ribs on a scorching hot summer day. You had all the ingredients for a barbeque lover’s dream, which featured the best award-winning barbeque and sauces from all over the country, representing South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri,Texas. It was also Pitt’s first football game of the season, and a lot of college students were in attendance, amped up for the game, possibly hungover, ready for another round, and ready for some ribs, which made for an exciting atmosphere.

Josh McCann-Heinz Field Rib Festival-Cowboy's Ribs

Each vendor’s setup was huge, with trophies upon trophies that were displayed on tables, showcasing each of their many wards. Tall and colorful signs displayed logos, along with slogans, which were unique and entertaining to read while in line. You had the Bad Azz BBQ, which featured a picture of a pig wearing sunglasses. Don’t forget about Ribbons BBQ, “This sauce is the boss.” And then there was Off the Bone BBQ, “You don’t need teeth to eat our meat!” And we can’t forget Cowboys BBQ and Rib Company, “So good you’ll moan!!” Above the slogans were the state flags they represented, which blew in the wind against a clear blue sky. The ribs. The heat. The ribs. This was Americana, served up with a taste of the South.

Josh McCann-Heinz Field Rib Festival-Rib King

With all the choices, it was a tough decision to choose from, and some vendors were lucky enough to have shade from the tree’s, giving fans a break from the heat, including Carolina Rib King, hailing from Spartanburg, South Carolina. The smoke from the barbeque gave way to the fresh smell of ribs. A group of people stood under a tree and tried the food.

“My lips are burning. I wasn’t expecting this,” one guy said.

“The mac and cheese is great!” a girl said.

Voted number one sauce in America, the mouth-watering ribs proved to be delicious, living up to the name. It’s easy to say that each bite invigorated the taste buds. The Carolina Rib is king!

Each vendor travels all over the country, bringing their award-winning ribs, town after town, satisfying rib fans year after year. The crowds proved to show how much Pittsburgh appreciates great tasting barbeque, and the only thing better would be to have this more than once a year!

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