It’s baaaack! If you missed it bouncing into town last year then now’s your chance to check out what the racket is all about! From January 22 thru January 26 catch the squeaky-shoe-ball-slamming action and have about as much fun as the athletes themselves.

The event is free and open to the public. 

The Pittsburgh Open, one of the Top 10 pro squash tournaments in the U.S., bounces back into town this week. It will feature 5 of the top 16 players in the world! Including three prior event champions. Pittsburgh’s top performers will share the $50K prize. The event also includes an Open Amateur Tournament. 

“The Pittsburgh Open brings world class squash to Pittsburgh—a chance to see professional players make this sublimely difficult sport look easy.”

Duilio Costa and Steve Baicker-McKee 

Squash is a sport of fast-paced action which requires fitness, reflexes, strength, and strategy. Players fight mano-a-mano by fighting racket-a-racket while hitting a bouncing ball off of a four-walled court. Games tend to last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

If you’re not familiar with the sport just picture tennis but then picture both both players standing on the same side of the court, and instead of a net there’s a wall, instead of two sidelines there are two more walls, and instead of a competitive back-and-forth volley the ball speeds at rapid-fire pace pinging off those walls as the players work to out maneuver each other. 

Most importantly, at least for all you foodies out there, there is an open cocktail party on Friday night with free food and drinks! Last year they had bacon wrapped duck, buffalo burgers, a various assortment of cheeses, and other treats.

On top of your proximity to world-class athletes you may also be served local celeb sightings! County Executive Rich Fitzgerald will be checking out what all the racket is all about when he speaks Friday at 5:45pm. He and Mayor Bill Peduto signed a proclamation declaring Friday, January 24 Pittsburgh Squash Day! 

Bounce on this opportunity this week!

The Rivers Club – 4th floor in the Oxford Building, 301 Grant Street

Weds Jan 22 – 1st Round – 5pm-9pm
Thurs Jan 23 – 2nd Round – 6pm-9pm
Fri Jan 24 – Quarterfinals – 5pm-10pm
Sat Jan 25 – Semi-Finals – 1pm-3pm
Sun Jan 26 – Finals – 12pm-1pm

Fri Jan 24 – 1st Round – 5pm-10pm
Sat Jan 25 – 2nd Round – 8am-6pm
Sun Jan 26 – Finals – 8am-3pm


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